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How to make money from blogging?

I have a very straightforward answer to this. If you really want to make money, there are better ways. Stop wasting time. Go out, create a job or do job and make money. But for heaven’s sake, stop blogging. Because if you can make money by blogging, you can make ten times that money by not blogging. Grow up.

There should be only one reason to blog. Your passion for sharing some info or thought that you have with the rest of the world. This is what the new dimension of internet is all about. We call it knowledge-sharing. There was a time, before the net came, when learning things was not cheap. You had to find the right teacher and then pay him. And you had to pay him because, you didn’t know there already was a person who was willing to teach you what you were looking for. And you didn’t know about him because he was sitting somewhere in another corner of the world.

Web unites. It brings us together. It makes us learn together. Blogging is a part of that process. Be proud to be a blogger. Be proud of the fact that others bother to read (listen, watch) what you offer, and may be learn something new from you.

There is absolutely nothing wrong if you are also able to make money. I will repeat, “if you are also able to make money“. But the moment the very purpose of blogging gets money-oriented, it all becomes a waste of time! So use your time wisely and blog from heart. If money has to flow in, it will.

Happy Blogging.

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