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The second poster, the second edition and the second day poster 2

This is the second poster that I did for the second edition of, while attending the second day of and gained half a k, thanks to Ravi Shankar. I also thank Ravi for giving me a great company today.

On the second day, though I didn’t feel like having the free breakfast, I compensated for it by devouring the free lunch. And of course I consumed plenty of coffee, which by the way was too sweet for me (didn’t I tell you I like coffee sugarless?).

Did I gain anything from the workshop?

Nothing significantly. But I had a nice time seeing so many people, talking, laughing, making faces and discussing blogging/podcasting. And like yesterday, one guy whom I had never seen before, generally looked at me and greeted, “hey Vatsap?”. I should have replied back “fresh…..” but I didn’t. I was nice enough to say a Hi. 😛 But this definitely made my day.

The most interesting thing that happened.

Someone finally asked for my visiting card! And guess who? Kiruba Shankar. Nice. And of course he gave his.

Did I make a podcast?

Yep. I do have a good podcast for you. Let me put that as a separate post (to make sure my post count is high :P)

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the recent posters coming out of your stable are really looking of international standard…pseud works

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