When I left for Chennai yesterday, I had a little more than 200 bucks in my pocket. Two hundred-rupee-notes and some change. The train ticket (Bang-Chennai) cost me 100 bucks (yep exactly 100 bucks). And only when I was paying for the ticket, I realized that the other hundred rupee note was a torn note! Damn it!

I was upset to realize that I didn’t have enough money to eat. I left Bangalore on empty stomach. In a general compartment of course. But the journey was nice and could actually sleep on one of the upper berths. By the time I reached my hostel room at 6 in the morning, I was dying of hunger. But I came over directly to Tidel Park where the (the podcasting workshop) was going to start in a short while. I had to borrow 100 more bucks from a wingmate so that I could pay for the registration fee (which was 200) for the workshop. And there, at the registration desk, I could easily pass the torn note! If anyone of you reading this was on the organizer’s side, I have a ‘sorry’ to say. But if I can pass off a torn note, so can you! 😛 So all the best!

I was wearing a plain black tee, with written on back. And surprisingly a lot of people there whom I met, recognized me from my blog! One of them asked, ‘Hey you are blogshit guy right?‘. He he!

I was given a nice tee, and few other goodies (two hundred bucks totally justified), and so were everyone else who registerd. To my delight, there also was free breakfast and coffee! That made my day.

Though I planned to be there for the entire session, I decided to skip it midway. Today’s session was on audio-podcasting which I was not much interested in. Tomorrow we are going to have video podcasting funday session and that I plan to attend fully. And since the audi is wifi, I might actually make a video right there, and upload it live. Be tuned.

And yeah, Chennai sucks. It’s so fuckin hot here. Bangalore is like heaven man. Seriously.

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