The bikers

The road was set. The night was inviting. The breeze was icy. The mood was adventurous.

Three bikes roared late at night. They were joined by one more. Now four, they roared louder. The bikers were headed to the Bangalore Airport, two on each bike. No, not to see off someone or receive someone either. The bikers wanted to have some fun in the night, the RDB style. They wanted to reach a spot, where they could park their bikes and watch planes passing over them from close quarters.

I was a biker. I was driving a red Yamaha. There were two Pulsars and one Splendor, all of them black. The Splendor was the only old bike. Others were not brand new, but they were fresh and strong and hadn’t run much. Only hours ago, I had called up Uncle and asked him if he could lend me his bike for the night. He had peacefully agreed. Nice man!

The roaring bikes and the excited bikers were about to reach the Airport, when someone up there, controlling this universe decided to put an end to their well planned mission. The Splendor gave up. They soon found out that it had been running without any engine oil. The engine was totally and brutally damaged. No force could make the bike run. At 1 AM, it was some fight to get the vehicle back. They had already traveled more than ten kilometers or so.

They tried to find a loader. They couldn’t . Finally an auto-rickshaw came to rescue them. They tried to fit in the bike inside the auto, but that didn’t work. The bike just didn’t fit in. Finally, it was decided that someone would ride the bike and the auto-driver would push it as he drove the auto. It worked. The bikers were back.

The bed was set. The night had turned late (2:30 AM). The breeze was missing. The mood was sleepy.

Bottomline: I crashed at about 3 in the morning and had to get up at 7 and that explains why I have been feeling so sleepy all day today, in office. And did I tell you I actually got some work on top of that? Phew!

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the way u narrated intially made me feel that u had the fun!! 😛

btw when did u get work to do at ur office?


The way I narrated initially was done the way I did it so that anyone who reads it feels the way you felt 😛

Proper work started from Monday itself. I have to make a presentation today.


Thank you. But I am not sure if that’s going to happen. It’s already 4:40 pm and no one has inquired about it yet. I am ready with the prez though.

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