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Does your product stand out?

Does your product stand out?

Finished making this poster for yesterday. Ravi helped me find a suitable pic and also in providing valuable inputs.

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Thanks. You have a better pic? Send it over dude. The poster hasn’t been printed yet, so I can put on the new image.


Ok. Answer this: “a university” or “an university”? “a universe” or “an universe”?
Get the funda?

‘An’ is not used just coz a word begins with a vowel. The vowel in that word should also sound like a vowel. And in case of ‘u’, when I say it should sound like a vowel, what I mean is that, it should sound the way it sounds in ‘umbrella’ or ‘under’. So when if it sounds the way it sounds in ‘university’ or ‘unique’, then one must use ‘a’ and not ‘an’.

Thanks for pointing out anyways. 🙂


Nice compliment! And thanks for it. 🙂

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