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My class. Parting time is up. Only few of us will be staying back for two more sems to complete our masters in Infrastructural Civil Engineering. It’s a strange feeling. It’s strange to realize that four years have passed!

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I’ve heard about casting concrete cubes, but this is something new. As a third year, I’m compelled to say that I ( along with my class ) share similar feelings, Mr.V . By the way,anyone ready to throw a farewell treat for us juniors ?


Farewell treat! Contact TND! 🙂


My name is ‘Amrit’. See me now? 🙂


Thanks. You could create it for your team using Adobe photoshop. Want more fundays on it? If you really wanna know, I can always put up a post describing a step by step way to achieve the effect.

I would love to learn how to create that cube..

BTW Do you think Photoshop will run on my home comp???

Anyways I will find a way to create it if you tell me..

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