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Grande Mug

OK. Yet another post on yet another CCD-offered-coffee. I am surely a coffee nuts.

Grande Mug costs you 26 bucks but it tastes much better than the 20 bucks Caffeine Kick. It is strong enough and yet easy on the taste buds. It surely is good stuff for its cost especially if you are in need for some good black coffee but don’t want to go high up for the international drinks which cost close to half a hundred rupees.

Update (June 15 2008): It isn’t black coffee. I don’t know why I wrote that. It is nothing but cafe latte. Also, now it is no more called by this name (Grande Mug) but is referred to as Grande Latte in the CCD menu. It is nothing but the regular latte in larger quantity and comes for 31 bucks inside IIT. This one is my regular CCD drink because for black coffee I prefer drinking what I make myself.

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