1. How is life?

Ans: Life is good! Doing great!

2. So what else?

Ans: Nothing as such! The usual routine stuffs which each sem has to offer.

3. Ok, enough, start talking.

Fine! I think my spirits are high this sem. After my internship experience, I have got much more attracted towards certain ascpects of Civil Engineering, and that revolves mainly around planning and management part of it. Yes, a lot of credit goes to mash as well, the youngest Prof in the department. I believe that I am pretty much interested in doing the kind of stuffs he is involved in, and suddenly out of nowhere I am feeling this enthu to go for a PhD once done with IIT. Well, well, well, I know it’s too much for a single post. So let me just hold on. All this might be yet another impulsive reaction afterall! I just wish it isn’t.

For whatever reasons, this sem I am treading in the most balanced way possible. I am into enough things to keep me occupied almost all the time. But believe me a lot of it is actually going into academics. Again, not even a month has passed since the sem begun, so it’s too early to say if my short term enthu and ideal lifestyle is a sustainable one. I wish it is!

4. When do you get up?

6:30-7:00 am (only one day in this sem has been an exception so far when I got up at 12:00)

5. Do you get up that early even on Saturdays and Sundays?


6. What for?

It makes life simpler throughout the week and I don’t have to make that ‘extra’ effort to wake up for Monday’s morning class. And I feel kinda powerful when I realize that I am the only one awake and reading ET in my wing during the weekends.

7. Powerful???

Yes. Powerful. Difficult to explain it, and more so pointless to explain it. But I do feel that way.

8. And why do you read ET?

I like looking at the world from an economist’s perspective. ET helps me do that.

9. What else?

Give me a break.

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