The gup-shup

You feel like an aged soul waiting to get out of this place. Fourth year is the most different year. You feel as comfortable in Insti as one would feel at home. The thought that time to leave is not too far off, gives you jitters. I will miss this place like anything. I am sure most of the IITM Alumni do miss it like anything. And yet I know – I am waiting to get out of this place. 😛

If you were waiting for more videos to come from my recent tour to some Northern regions of India, you will have to wait. I left my handicam with dad (I dare call it mine, it was his afterall). Will get it the next sem, and get the videos too. As you already must be knowing, I never had the time to stay in home after the tour was over – had to come directly to Chennai.

With the launch of a yet another odd sem, a lot of new faces have arrived in the campus. Yes, the freshies. I haven’t ragged a single one of them till now. No, not an intentional act – just never had the enthusiasm to do so. To me, even those who have just entered second year are as good as freshies!

My internship ended a li’l abrubtly when I had to leave a little earlier than expected owing to personal reasons that need not be mentioned here. So I need to go and make a final presentation in the company. I hope to do that the coming Saturday.

Saw Omkara on Friday night. The movie was different (the hut-ke types) but somewhat boring enough to be called too good. And if you have already read Othello, you pretty much know how things are going to turn up in the end. Dialouges were difficult to understand, even by guys from hard-core hindi speaking regions like me. I pity the Tams who went to watch this movie. And then this movie can also boast of a large usage of all kinds of profanities without any exception. The gaalis were the only things that I understood clearly though!

The bottomline is that Omkara is watchable but one needs to prepare oneself for appreciating the ‘art’ aspect of this particular celluloid work. It’s definitely not recommened for the average movie goer who is looking to have a nice weekend.

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u dont have to wait for next sem to get the videos, i talked to papa last night and he said he has called someone to transfer the video form dv to cd. And will send the cd to us,

i too watched omkara yesterday, average movie, and by the way othello is a drama written by shakespear, not a movie

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