Tata Chennai

Yes, finally I shall be leaving this place and meeting my family and chilling at some literally cool places for the coming two weeks! My train leaves Chennai early morning tomorrow (Sunday)

Got myself three more minidv tapes today. I already had two and that means now I can record upto five hours of high quality video. Wonderful! Also purchased a 1GB memory stick duo for the handycam so that I can shoot and save still pictures! The quality wont be great at 1 Mpixels but it’s definitely better than the ancient dig-cam that I have. And dad anyways owns a film-based SLR camera, so will have plenty of good and not so good pictures to share with all you guys.

Wish me a happy journey and a happy tour! May God bless you all.

PS: the pic above was taken by the handicam. I have started looking insane after all these days spending almost alone here in hostel! If not for blogging, I would have been dead long back 🙂

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