back from bed

Last three days saw me suffering from cold cough and mild fever. Today was the first day in this week that I went to work but was still not in a good enough health to work efficiently. Was a li’l weak because of lack of food caused by the lack of hunger during the illness.

I guess today was the last day of this three day sickness series. I did have a proper meal today, and would be adopting that for the remaining days of my stay here in Chennai before I leave for home.

Two more days, and I will be left with only one week to finish all pending works, so will be real busy now. I want to make my boss happy afterall! Wish me luck! And don’t miss me too much all these days.

The remaining part of the vaccation that was otherwise spent working:

Next Sunday, I’ll leave Chennai for Patna to meet my family, and the next day, we’ll be flying to Delhi, and then to Haridwar. We’ll be back to Delhi, by 24th, when my sis will join us (her vaccation begins pretty late).

And then, we’ll be flying again from Delhi but to Leh this time on 25th of July (that’s my birthday) and will be returning on 30th to Delhi. We shall fly back to Patna the same day if possible. I have to reach Chennai back 3rd Aug because that’s when the seventh sem begins.

Loaded with a fundoo handycam, I will make sure we never forget this trip even after a brain wash! 🙂

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Leo! hmm…
Enjoy, the last days of intern. Good luck with all the crazy wrk.
Enjoy Patna … ghar aakhir ghar hota hai.
And DELHI!! 🙂 😀 …5yrs, 5 LONG YRS! I don’t request, but DEMAND a video! 🙂

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