Shoot Shoot

Yeah finally I can shoot anything and everything under the sun with an amazing quality. I got a Sony Mini DV handycam today. And it’s too good! I love it. The video quality is simply awesome! MiniDV rocks! Okay, guess that’s enough…

Yeah by the way, two more items to the shopping list:

A pair of dark blue leather shoes (I found them sweet)
A 1GB pen drive (if not a laptop, then at least a pendrive, I *needed* it)

Well, if there’s anything more to be told then it is that only two more weeks are left for my internship to be over and then I shall be packing for home! 🙂

Keep coming back!

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It’s like a minimum of 6 weeks, and I don’t have time to do it for more than that. This is the fifth week running!

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