Hostel Nite

Hope you could spot me (for whatever little duration I am) in the video.

It was so much fun! Once the dance-session was over (at about 1 AM I guess), myself and my best buddy kept giving toast to the passing outs the whole night till 7 in the morning! Phew man! That was wonderful!

Yeah, I have the toast videos too! Will see when can I put them here (of course not all of them). I’ll pick the best parts, club them together and upload when I get free.

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haha… u guys looked funny dancing up there.

group dancing karni thi bandhu (and by that I mean, same dance steps), it’s amazing to be a participant in one and it is great to watch as well, but LIVE. dancing and stuff seems boring on video. specially, if you don’t know how it all started, why people are going crazy etc. etc.

one needs to be soaked into the same passion and crazyness in order to enjoy the funduness.

know what i mean?

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