my life: quick updates

*Intern beginning from Monday. Will come back with news on what it is, how it is and stuffs like that soon as I actually start workin!

*Have to pick a camcorder to buy for Dad! Don’t plan to go beyond 25k. Any suggestions on model etc? I guess Sony is the best (pure perception at work).

*The World is Flat and Good to Great. Would love to finish these two books lying with me, now that I have nothing but the internship to consume my time in the remaining two months vaccation.

*Got ‘S’ (10/10) in the Maths course that I was clearing as a summer-term. 🙂

*Still missing friends! Two close buddies are currently in Gangtok and chilling together. Lucky sweet bastards! 😛 And I m here just somehow resisting to melt away (today it was really hot in Chennai!)

*Shaastra website is finally up and running. Are you a techie? Go pic your event, get richer! Yeah we at Shaastra are offering loads of cash prizes in all the events. (“We at Shaastra”?? Well, when you become a core, you start talking like that, can’t help it 😉 )

*Hairs have grown lil longer! (just lil longer 🙂 )

*Watched Funaa today, cried throughout the movie! Don’t ask why. This is such a senti movie! So if you are someone who enjoys wiping away your tears while watching movies that make you cry and make you emotional, do give this flick a shot. (And all those Gujjus reading this, get hold of a pirated copy at least! )

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