The two day Fast

On a Monday evening I suddenly realized that the coming Wednesday was so near! Nothing unusual to speak of but then I had an end semester exam on Wednesday and I needed to devote all the energy I had towards mugging for it. ‘All the energy’- this phrase kept reverberating for some time and I decided that I shouldn’t go online till the exam was over.

Today is that Wednesday. Well, finally the exam is over! I answered everything in the three hours test. (I have already scored 35/40 in the quizzes and if I am lucky I should get an ‘A’ 🙂

So when I finally went online today, breaking my two day fast, it was a good feeling. The first thing that I could do was to login to my gmail account. And as you can see here, so many mails! Yeah, makes me feel good of course. And there’s one more thing that’s making me feel better and that is that I proved to myself that I do have some will power. It’s just so irresistable not to let your fingers reach out for the keyboard. Hurray, I beat all temptations! Feel like a winner!!

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