Well I’m almost decided with my internship now. Today I met this guy in mash’s office, who is likely to offer me an intern starting this June, in his Chennai based company. There’s a construction project that has just begun. It’s near Mahabs and that means, it’s going to be an almost one hour journey daily to the site. Yeah, it’s an on field work and I am pretty much excited about it.

This building that’s coming up is an industrial building that aims to get LEED (leader in energy and environmental design) certification with a Platinum rating from USGBC. Well, to put it in a sentence, this rating would mean that the building is energy efficient and environment conscious (if you can interpret this at least).

I dressed in formals after a long time today (shoes and can imagine)

Well, Chennai is still hot, but somehow getting used to the temperature. Catch ya..

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