Go to hell!

The summer was killing him when he decided to escape the heat at any cost. He had saved enough cash to pack for a trip to some distant hill station. Sitting on his king size bed, he picked the phone and dialled a friend’s number.

A female voice welcomed him, ‘Hi! I thought you had comepletely forgotten that I even existed. Great that you called after so many months. So how is life?’

‘Life had been a little hectic yaar, with too much of work-load. Though I couldn’t call, do I even to need to tell that I definitely missed all my friends? Hmm?’

‘Arrey, I was kidding bhaai, dont get serious now. You have called after so many days, and here we are, arguing! Aur sunao, whats happening in your life?’

‘Life! I need a break now. It’s too hot here and if I dont’ leave the city within a week, I will definitely die. I called you to ask if you could suggest me some ‘cool’ place where I can plan a 2 weeks trip. Any place in mind?’

‘Go to HELL!’

3 replies on “Go to hell!”

‘GTH’…one of our most bankable phrases in times of angry outbursts…seems like ur sweet frnd was as frustoo as were you, at dat moment 😐

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