So, there is this unique gifts store selling personalized gifts in India. The concept is really nice. I have tried some of the customized gifts, and I love it. Their store is in Hyderabad, and they manage the website from Mumbai, India. Now that the valentines day is coming, they have gifts sorted by relationships, like Valentines day gifts for husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend. It you look at the product range, its not a huge list, but they have plenty of designs for the same product. That's the part I like. You will get a wide variety to choose from. There will always be a relevant design.

Apart from these occasion based gifts, the popular categories of are - gifts for husband, and birthday gifts for wife. For some strange region, we see that in India, mostly the married women shop of gifts online for their husband. That's the reason, its one of the most popular categories of gifts in the website. Even the anniversary gifts are quite a hit. Have a look at the site, and leave a review on your own blog! Cheers!