Sachin and North American Cities

truth in

Subbu had been pestering me to make a caricature of Sachin and couple of more. So that he could print them on t-shirts and coffee mugs. I do not understand his business model. He has this site called And the only way he can supply products is if I make caricatures! I mean WTF! Sudhar jao Subbu.

Anyway, this probably is my last post for this month, so let me post my North America itinerary, so that just in case one of you happen to be in the city that I would be in, may be we can hit a pub together or something.

  • Fri, 3rd Sep – Fly to Mumbai (probably in the evening)
  • Sat, 4th Sep – Fly to Toronto (Canada) via Frankfurt and be in Toronto till Wednesday morning
  • Wed, 8th Sep – Fly to Regina (Canada) and be there till next day morning
  • Thu, 9th Sep – Fly to Ottawa (Canada) and be there till next day evening
  • Fri, 10th Sep – Fly to Boston (US) and be there till next day afternoon
  • Sat, 11th Sep – drive down to New Jersey, attend a small even there and reach hotel in New York and then put a night-out
  • Sun, 12th Sep – Fly in the morning from NY to LA and be in LA till Wed morning
  • Wed,  15th Sep – Drive down to San Diego in the morning, catch a flight for San Francisco in the evening and be in SF till Monday afternoon
  • Mon, 20th Sep – Fly from SF to Seattle and be in Seattle till Wednesday morning
  • Wed, 22nd Sep – Drive down to Vancouver and get free of official work by Friday afternoon

Now, the best part is I haven’t yet figured out what to do once I am free in Vancouver. Because I plan to fly back to India only after a week – on next Friday – 2nd October (Gandhi ji ki jay). Anyone wants to suggest to me a good tourism trip for a week starting from Vancouver? The trip should be such that it ends in a place which is easily connected to India (for example it could end in Vancouver itself, or in Seattle or some such place).  To koi karega madad ki khud hi fight maroon?

PS: the Canada part would work only if I get a Visa this coming week, varna lag gayi samjho