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NOTE: There used to be a form on this page, where you could upload your pictures and enter your email ids so that I could draw your caricatures and email them to you. The form was has been disabled till 30 September 2009 the end of this year simply because there are too many pending caricature requests in queue (to be precise – sixty eight as on 24 August 2009). I would take new requests from October 01 31 January 2010 guys. Till then hang around! For those who have already requested – you caricatures shall be done in December by the end of Jan 2010.


I am not very good at making caricatures but if you do like the ones that I have made already – you can get one for you as well. Of course – it’s free. It is my gift to you in the hope that it would make you smile or laugh for few seconds. And gifts never come for a prize. I am sure that one day, when on my death bed, it would be more satisfying for me to count the number of souls whom I made smile than the number of bucks I made in life.

Caricatures done


Three rules*:

  1. Only one caricature per person in a year please
  2. If the picture that you upload has two or more faces, please indicate which one is you
  3. You can request ONLY for your own free caricature (if you want a free caricature for a friend / family member, ask him / her to upload his / her pic himself / herself – after all, no one likes his gifts to be transferred)

Few suggestions:

  1. Your caricature would look good if you are smiling / laughing in the pic that you choose to upload
  2. I would be able to figure out your features better (and hence shall be able to achieve better resemblance in the caricature)  if you upload a side-profile picture (at least if the face is partially facing to the side) than a front-profile.
  3. It helps me if at least your full face is there in the pic (some of you upload pics in which the upper half of the head is missing!)
  4. If you don’t like your caricature, please let me know – most of the times, I redraw – I really don’t mind it, so simply ask for it when you get your caricature and you are not quite happy about it


  1. If you are even slightly plump, I WILL try my best to make you look FAT – that’s exactly what a caricature is supposed to do! So please laugh over it than getting offended when you receive your caricature! Same applies to folks who are thin, dark, fair etc. etc. My job is to exaggerate!
  2. Since it is free – I will take my own sweet time to make your caricature (usually 2 weeks to 2 months). As long as you have not broken any of the three rules listed above, rest assured of one thing – one day you will definitely receive your caricature.

77 replies on “Request Caricature”

Hey just saw u’ve added those alt tags on these caricatures…

Actually this isn’t the REAL “Kaddu smile”… this was in fact one of my more decent snaps, ‘coz frankly speaking, I was a bit apprehensive about what I would look like, once you were done with “caricaturing” me! So I didn’t send u one of my true “smiles”… which is like a huuuuuge permanent “:D” (really devilish I say!)

Actually, it is extremely difficult for anyone to find a pic of mine in which my teeth aren’t showing!

In fact, that reminds me of this incident back in Kanpur, abt 10 years ago, when I had gone to a studio with a friend, to get some photographs done for “THE reason” (u know what I’m talking abt, don’t u?)… and the photographer finally had to throw my friend out of the room, ‘coz with her around, I simply wudn’t keep my keep my mouth shut (read: “teeth covered”!) long enough for him to click!

But, u know… one of these days, maybe I’ll get really adventurous and send u one of my “normal” snaps… so u cud make another caricature out of it! 😉

Thank you so much!! Thats the first caricature of me that actually looks decent!! 🙂

Usually, some caricaturists tend to exaggerate my nose which is one of the things i most hate about myself!!

Thanks again! 🙂

hii vatsap…
i am chaitanya. i just completed from pondicherry university. i heard very good about u from ur iit people. my frd is going 3 start a new company ‘srusti mobile pvt ltd’. we r fighting for its logo and caption. can u please help us…!!!!

If you are good at something, and you like doing it, simply do it. Don’t worry about money or fame. They will follow if they have to. 🙂

Hi Avinash,

After seein ur work I was so enthusiastic to see mine also .. 😥 but still I did not get….I know u must hav other works as well…
….waiting… 🙂


Thanks a lot buddy…you are a great artist..

“it would be more satisfying for me to count the number of souls whom I made smile than the number of bucks I made in life”.
this is impressive man…All The Best to you for your future..May you bring smile in the lives of millions! ..take care

dude…. i just found this site of yours… this is awesome stuff man…. i pray to god from the bottom of my heart that he give you all the strength and time ni the world so you could make every living soul happy…
and don get me wrong… but the first rule in the 3 rulz…. its gotta be
Only one caricature per person in a year please…. not an year.. (sry but have this irritating habit of correcting mistakes in english language)

Hey amrit….liked ur site a lot….i wud like to have my caricature done by you….are u accepting requests these days? if yes, plss give me ur email id so that i can send u my pic….

thanks in advance

all the caricatures r too good… would like to be in the queue even if it takes time for u to do it….plz share ur email id so that i can send my pic…

hope you get into the mood soon!!haven’t done any shitton too off late.
waiting to see something visual when i visit next time

Wow…this was a cool info…after reading this i too would like to have a caricature of mine done by u..pls let me know when u start doin caricatures again

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