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New in blog – Some negatives of a positive mood

New in video – How did Dona Paula react to their first time at a beach and an overnight stay in a resort in Goa?


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New in Vlog:

I have dubbed this in Hindi too 😛 😛

Also watch my four part Myanmar film-making BTS Vlog – Part I, II, III and IV. (it’s quite fun – you will have a great time, especially if you have never been to the country yourself).

‘Invisible women’ in the Covid times (blog).

Succinct summary of both the positives and negatives of the three agri-bills passed by the Indian Parliament in Sep 2020

New on podcast – Contact Hypothesis, bigotry, mirror neurons and psychopaths

If everyone had friends from minority groups, would there be less bigotry overall? (blog)

The Ayodhya dispute timeline summary (illustrated blog)

How Delhi Police targets activists (blog)

Nobel Peace prize, Trump and the Halo effect (blog).

Fau-G? Like, really? (blog)

How much of the 23.9% decline in the GDP growth can be attributed to Covid? (blog)

Making sense of Goa Covid figures

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Princy’s dance video in red light – Mohabbat buri bimari

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