They often get mentioned in my posts. All of them are fictional. Yeah right.

[updated: Nov 2015]

Presently active:

  1. Biwi: my wife – one and only. Lives with me in Goa.
  2. Neelabh: He is my best friend. We have been friends since class four. He works for a Bank in Hyderabad and lives there with his wife. For a long while, he also worked with me in my photography venture.
  3. Subbu: My only brother. Four years younger. Electronics Engineer. Teaches Physics. Lives in Mumbai with his wife.
  4. Sweety: My only sister. Two years younger. Computer Engineer. Very photogenic. We stopped fighting with each other a long time back. But may be because we don’t find time. 🙂 She lives in US with her husband.
  5. Tiwari: He is my best friend. We were class-mates in IIT. I owe him my life. Lives in Mumbai with his wife and a cute little son.
  6. Tota: IIT ka param mitra. Yaar. Lives in Delhi with his wife and a cute little daugther.

Not much active:

  1. Ali: He is an MBA graduate who worked me with me for about two years during my consulting career. He is about my age. He is overtly ambitious. He will soon become a partner in the consulting firm that I left.
  2. Aunty: She used to be Hanuman’s boss. I have no clue what she is upto these days.
  3. Bali: He is an insti senior. We worked together. He is married and has a baby. A cute little girl. Haven’t been in touch with him for a while.
  4. Chulbul Pandey / Chulbul: Tiwari ki biwi
  5. Chutki: She is my Mallu sister from IIT. After working in Mumbai for a year or two she moved to US for her PhD. I love acting smart with her. Even when I know she is smarter.
  6. Cloudy: MRP’s best friend
  7. Cummon: He is from Delhi – almost my age. was a colleague for a short while.
  8. Dhee: Hanuman’s cute adorable daughter. Every time I see her, I feel like clicking her.
  9. Ellora: IIT batch-mate; good friend of Maina
  10. Haileo: Was my colleague. When he gets a phone call, he never says hello. He says, haileo.
  11. Hanuman: He was my boss during consulting. He is bindaas.
  12. Jar: We share the same birth-day. Similar things gives us kicks. We don’t share similar looks. He is the Kannadiga Tom Cruise. He is doing his MBA in US. Lives there with his wife.
  13. Karnavati: I like his smile. And his simplicity. We shared the same office.
  14. Kates: a bulky, tall ex colleague from Ahmedabad with a brilliant Colgate smile.
  15. LOLy: She is my best friend. She is five years younger to me. She is a journalist. She lives and works in Bangalore.
  16. Macuhl: He is a batch-mate. Everyone loves pulling his legs. His legs are thin. So is he. We worked together. Then he went to some IIM and did his MBA. He works for a Bank now.
  17. Maina: Tota ki biwi. IIT ki sakha.
  18. Ma-Kali: A relationship gone horribly wrong. She is married now and I wish her a happy married life. She wasn’t meant for me, I not for her.
  19. Miss Psychology: A girl I liked. Have met her twice. She was recently engaged.
  20. Miss Short Story: She was my only friend in Bhubaneswar. She wrote beautiful short-stories. There was something about her. But nothing really happened. She is married now.
  21. MRP: My last girl-friend. And wife since 2012 end.
  22. Pehelwan: A bengali ex-colleague who loves body-building.
  23. Rushia: Sweet lady. Nice smile. My ex-colleague.
  24. Sadhu: IIT class-mate. We worked in the same company for quite some time. Different locations. He is sweet. And helpful.
  25. Shahenshah: Was my colleague. Died few days ago. Fuck you life.
  26. Singa Patel: He works for the PMO office these days. We used to work together in Ahmedabad. He is a Gujju. He is nice. He always wanted to get married. Eventually, he did. I was the photographer for his wedding.
  27. Soapcase – Wingmate from IIT.
  28. Til: A solitude seeker. His fair shining face is full of moles. We were class-mates in IIT. We create music together. We are the melodiacs. We are Biharis.
  29. Yanvi: My colleague. Travel enthusiast. But when she gets angry, a volcano bursts somewhere.

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