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How is Shaastra logo going to look like from this year onwards?

If you have an opinion, please share it with me. All you have to do is to let me know which are the two best logos from amongst the ones shown below, and if possible, you reason for picking them over others. Go ahead, leave comments.

Note, that in all the logos below, if you spot an S, it stands for Shaastra and the ‘spirit’ of engineering.


Update 10: (7:40 PM, 25 April 2008) Adding another variation of –E. I have this feeling, most will like it. It’s too the point and stands out.

Update 9: (12:43 PM, 24 April 2008) Added one more variation of –D (refer update 8). Also, presenting below a simplistic version of the combined spirit of various branches of engineering (–E), which together look like S. The red colored propeller can also be taken for red spirit. I have removed the DNA because a beaker at some level represents BioTechnology as well.

Update 8: (11:55 PM, 23 April 2008) Adding a new logo (–D) which represents the combined spirit of the various branches of engineering. Spot a gear (mechanical, nevarch), two airplanes (aero), two beakers (chem, meta), two capacitors (elec, CS), DNA cum bridge (Biotech, Civil). The overall image depicts force and spirit. The color scheme could be varied.

Update 7: (5:15 PM, 23 April 2008) blu) Adding two more designs (–C i, ii). Both have shaastra written in full. (ii) also has the reflection. As an overall image both depict the ‘spirit’ of engineering.

Update 6: (12:45 PM, 23 April 2008): Another version of (–A) added (refer update 4)

Update 5 (11:55 AM, 23 April 2008): Adding a logo submitted by Anuj (–B). Several shapes are making a Pyramid.

Update 4 (11:30 AM, 23 April 2008): Adding a look-alike of the original logo (–A) because there seems to be no consensus on the new ones proposed. This one is inspired from the escher knot, the original logo, and yet it is different enough to be registered as a new logo. It represents everything that J represents (symmetry, convergence etc.) but the best thing about this would be that, branding wise, everyone should find it easier to associate it to Shaastra.

UPDATE 3 (10: 20 PM, 22 April 2008): A (ii) added based on S’s suggestion.

UPDATE 2 (10:20 PM, 22 April 2008): Why is the logo being changed? Ans: We do not have copyright over the one we had been using so far (remember Shaastra started as an amateur event?). Now that Shaastra has become truly professional, we cannot afford, either ethically or by law to continue using a logo for which we don’t have further rights.

UPDATE 1 (10 PM, 22 April 2008): E(iii) and H (ii) added. (H (ii) added based on Sania’s comment)


Here is the list of logos, browse through them:

A. Three different forces have been shown to create S. The forces could be engineering, science, and passion.

B. Spot the red S in the tilted symbol of infinity. It also represents an endless loop.

C (i), C (ii) : This is what it is and is supposed to look geeky.

D(i), D(ii), D(iii): Any engineering involves building solutions, block by block. Also, all three are supposed to resemble the shape of letter S.

E (i, ii, iii): Two spanners meet together to create the S.

F. It’s a cube with wings of desire. The overall look is supposed to depict loads of passion.

G. Plain, neat S on flames.

H(i,ii). H (i) is totally abstract. H (ii) includes the concept of E (spanners joining to form S)

I. This is again an S. The upper black sphere contains inside it red and white spheres, which represent various streams and ideas of engineering. These small spheres roll down the red tube, get refined and enter back the black sphere from the other end.

J (i, ii, iii): Symbol of symmetry, creation, convergence of ideas. (iii) also has two spanners creating an S in the center while (ii) has two rings in the center.

K (i, ii, iii): All of them show a spanner and an arrow, trying to tell that engineering gives direction to our lives.

L. A nut-bolt combo.

M. It’s a heart that loves engineering (notice the eagle’s view of a pyramid)

That’s it. Please go ahead and let me know which is your top two, and if you can, also tell why. Thanks in advance!

PS: I have made only some of the above logos.

shaastra snaps

Shaastra 2007: Bbye

On legs, from left: Supreeta, CB, Pota, Sania, Prof, Misre, Joy, MLD, Lugaai

On hips, from left: Jiggs, Juthe, Bhanu, Vatsap, Caesar, Jhopad

On lap: Paid

Red Wine@SeaGulls, Fisherman’s Cove


IIT senti

I am passing out

This hostel had been home for four years. Narmada. Soon, I would be busy finding a new home. The days in IIT are numbered. And I already know that nothing is gonna be as good as this hostel. Nothing. This hostel had been home for four years. Narmada.

I stayed up all night yesteday. It was the Narmad Hostel Nite. It was the night of endless Pizzas and infinite ice-creams. It was the night to listen to toasts being given to guys who I had ragged in their first years. Sometimes it’s hard to believe thatΒ time flew so amazingly fast. I still remember catching Cuppax at the Narmad Entrance and then taking him to my room to make him sing Gujju songs. It’s been four years. Most of these freshies are passing out now, with me. Strange feelings.

Yestereday was also the night of the juke-box and the country dancing on the clayey quadrangle. I danced. Narmad danced. The jumping and shaking of hips was about more than just dancing. It was about letting differences go away and hugging every fellow hostel mate. It was about feeling proud to have shared the same home in a strange land all this while.

I didn’t even need booze to get high yesterday. I was high on emotions. I am high on emotions. Fuck, I am passing out.


Adieu ’08

As usual, Adieu sucked.

Adieu is the annual farewell for all the would-be passouts in IIT Madras. I was the part of the organizing team in my second year and made posters and banners for the first Adieu in 2005. You might not believe but they still use the same stupid banner after all these years!

Making thousand students eat at one place has never worked out for us IITians. By the way, I have been to every Adieu ever since started. In 2005, I was in the organizing team. In 2006, I was the Alumni Affairs Sec of my hostel. In 2007 I was a fourth yearite and this year I was a final year student. πŸ˜€ And like every other year, I had to face long queues for some food that was just okay.

But a good thing about Adieu is that couple of Alumni come and give gyaan. Vinci who used to be the ruling beauty of insti (and still looks quite hot) was seen this Adieu. After passing out of IIT, she had gone to IIMA and then it was heard that she ditched some super cool job to start her own venture. Talking about Alumni and entrepreneurship, I came across this site which was started by some IITM passouts and aims at helping IITians and IIM grads find dates. Interesting idea. I registered just for the heck of it. Let’s see how much worth the site is. πŸ™‚

caricatures shaastra

The C group

the c group

Phew! Finally!!

Lesson learnt: never ever promise a group of seventeen people that you will make a caricature for each one of them. Getting this job done was almost like working on my DDP. I enjoyed initially and then got bored but kept working and working till finally things started getting interesting. Hope to get this thing printed on tshirt soon.

All the best to those who would make it to the new core group (whenever it is formed).

By the way, I request anyone who has ever been a part of Shaastra to give me an idea or a design for a new logo. Yes, that’s the one last thing that I need to get done. Shoot off.

IIT shaastra

Happy Elections (indeed)

[Update: Thank you everyone, who went with the guy who deserved it more, irrespective of anything else. This is the time to feel proud of what you did.]

The bad thing about politics is that you don’t have to be genuinely good to win elections. You just have to play your political moves right. Being genuinely good helps only when the group of people who are going to vote for you (or against you, as the case may be) is so small that all of them know you personally. In such a case, logic takes over politics. When the group is so large that it is impossible for the voters to personally know the candidates contesting the election, politics works, rumors work, regionalism works, and to sum it up, all kind of shit works. This is one of the reasons, I never ever contested for any post in the institute. There always has been enough shit in life already,to take care of; who needs more? πŸ™‚

I am writing this post today to ask you, who is reading it right now, a fairly simple question: How would you feel if you see baseless and false rumors going against someone who is genuinely good, and clearly more eligible for a job?

I will tell you how I feel. I feel like a helpless asshole because I do not know what steps to take to put down such baseless rumors! Can none of you reason out the source of such rumors? Can’t you open up your eyes and see that the very reason someone needs a rumor against an opposing contestant is that he knows he doesn’t have that genuineness to help him, that he knows he is not half as good as the other guy?

Yes, I am referring to insti politics. Elections are scheduled for tomorrow. There are so many posts that my poor memory fails to recollect the exact number. But there is one particular post that I am extremely concerned about. I am concerned because that single post has to do so much with how Shaastra, the technical festival of IIT Madras, of which most of the students are so proud of, is going to take shape in the Golden Jubilee year of the institute. On one hand I see a guy who is perfect for the job but who sucks at playing politics. On the other hand, I see a guy whose most important forte is not his set of credentials (neither his ideas about how to facelift Shaastra), but his ability to play politics.

Is this what Shaastra needs? A better politician? If you ask me, I would say, no. And if you have ever been a part of Shaastra, you should agree with me. There is nothing more I have to write about here in this post. Actually, this probably is the first time I am writing on insti-elections (and of course this is going to be the last time). Never before, did I feel the need to campaign for anyone. This one time, I want to. I want to, because I feel sad at the very thought of seeing Shaastra slip away from able hands; from the hand of someone who has seen Shaastra inside out and has the intelligence to change things. I want to, so that if genuineness does prevail over politics (we will get to know about that tomorrow), when I pass out, I can feel proud that I did what I could in the good act. If you, dear reader, believe in what I say, you know it already what to do tomorrow, when you go to vote. And if you can do anything more to make sure, fairness prevails over anything else, do that. Do that, so that like me, tomorrow you can feel proud of what you did, irrespective of what the outcome is.

Happy Elections, everyone.

[Update 2: On second thoughts, I shouldn’t have concluded about a contestant being a good politician based on some anti-campaigning rumors. Spreading rumors is a bad thing to do. But then, that could have been the work of some of his supporters. So, I apologize, if my opinion on him, hurt him.]

[Update 3: It’s time we stop discussing this post. There is work to do. I am closing off comments.]

design shaastra

Those who had strength and those who worked hard…


… made it possible.

Shaastra 2007.

humor IIT

Hairy tale

The last hair style that I sported was probably the best one I ever had. Many amused, fascinated, impressed and not-so-impressed observers of the psychedelic hairdo inquired about the story behind the hair-lift. Where I got the job done, remained the most popular question.

Well, I didn’t have to go to a specialized parlour to get my hair styled. Not that I hate men who visit men’s beauty parlours. This, after all, is the age of metro-sexuality, homo-sexuality and all other kinds of sexuality. I won’t even say that I myself don’t belong to the metro-sexual category. To be true to myself, if I get a free gift voucher to get my hair styled, or eyebrows modified, or pubic hair colored, in a male parlour, I might actually try it out, for the fun (or thrill) of it. But, paying anything more than twenty bucks from my own pocket for any kind of hair-play can never work for me. So, well, yeah, the bottomline is that I styled my hair myself. Talk about effective use of hands. I, like most other men, manage to use my hands effectively when it comes to satisfying myself and my body parts. I know how your perverted mind works, but the last sentence also means that I brush my teeth and cut my nails.

Leaving the teeth in the mouth and the nails in the dust-bin, let me come back to the silky topic of my hair. Although, many started referring to the style by a Japanese sounding word Mohawk, it never was a true Mohawk. Even before you finish reading this sentence, chances are that a new tab which has a Wiki entry on Mohawk has already opened. Go read it to agree with me. And if you never bothered to open the link (ineffective use of hands/fingers whatever), a true Mohawk hair-do needs the part of the hair on the right and on the left of the Mohawk to be shaved off, precisely what you see in the picture below.


I already had spikes before I happened to see TZP posters. Aamir Khan could be seen in the Mohawk-like hairdo in TZP. I didn’t get inspired by him. But the fact that weird shapes of hair were being promoted by Indian stars, did make me bolder in experimenting with my own spikes. Slowly, the spikes started resembling Aamir’s. We did have a similar hairdo for sometime, but nevertheless, both of us had slightly separate styles. Small differences, however, can only be noticed or appreciated by few god-gifted men in society. I guess all those few men who could notice that small difference between the two slightly different hair-styles, were on a vacation. I say so because just everyone who bothered to comment on my new look, included a reference to TZP without any exception. In the early phase of this accusation of piracy, I used to argue. With time and maturity however, I realized the pointlessness of trying so hard to highlight the difference that existed or to emphasize the fact that I had spikes even before I had seen Aamir’s new look. With more time and some more maturity, I learnt the art of smiling back with a shameless ‘yes, of course. TZP!’. It saved me time and it proved the commentators right, in turn making them feel blissed.

Like every good story, the story of my last hairdo had a sad end. With time, the hair expanded in length and I was made to realize the need of a hair-cut. Now, getting a hair-cut is of course one of the easiest things to do as long as you are not concerned much about the physical appearance of your head. But what is a metro-sexual that cannot give hair-cutting as much importance as a mother gives to her breast-feeding child?

There is a risk-prone zone in IIT Madras which many refer to as the Gurunath saloon or the insti saloon. It is the one and only barber-shop inside the campus. I call it a risk-prone zone, because once in, you never really know how you are going to look like after the scissors have been run and the razors have been glided over your skin. This place is nothing less than one of those science labs with defective equipments, where no human feat can ensure that the same experiment gives a common result. If an experiment does repeat identically, once in a while, call it the divine intervention. This, in brief, is what the insti saloon is for you.

Most IITians are high risk takers and exhibit minimal metro-sexuality. No wonder, the saloon works perfectly fine. Any time you step in the room with mirrors, you will find someone letting his hair being played with, by men in blue uniforms and non-smiling faces. My metro-sexual instincts did beep out loud those danger ringtones and to date, I wonder why I didn’t listen to them. I took my own sweet time to explain how the hair had to be cut. But alas, the communication took place in a language unknown to that young black boy in blue apron, who, throughout the monologue kept nodding. Bastard. It didn’t take him more than few seconds to run the machine brutally over the curved contours of my head, killing cruelly the style, that for years to come, I shall remember as the best hair-style I ever had.

amrit mohawk

IIT videos

Dreamer Dead

All I can say is that it was pretty easy for me to do the holding-tears-in-the-eye scene because someone was too busy that day. The short film that you see here was made by one of the two teams from IITM who had qualified for Saarang 2008 SFM competition.

Assuming that the video above will take quite some time to stream fully, let me write enough so that you, my dear reader, won’t have to yawn. Let me call everything that follows henceforth, an essay on Saarang, the cultural phestival of IIT Madras (I know you guys were waiting for that e’ph’ect πŸ˜› ).

Like everyone else the Saarang that excited me most happened in my first year. It was a whole new world. I didn’t know so many girls who could wear good clothes (irrespective of how they looked) even existed in the Tam capital. I vividly remember getting close to a girl from outside insti on my very first day (or was it the second?). Hell, I even remember what I was wearing that day: a loose sky blue color Saarang Tshirt and looser dark blue shorts. Naah, I am not really sure what the girl was wearing, but I am sure she looked good.

Yes, she had indeed looked good. I had looked into her eyes and she had looked into mine; for quite some time, believe me. My right palm had rested on her left and my left palm had rested on her right, all the four palms being in the direction vertical to the ground, covered by dusty red carpet. It wasn’t just the two of us doing that eye-into-eye and palm-on-palm business. There were many more pairs. And before you conclude that it was a dance workshop, let me tell you that it was not. In fact I never ever asked any girl out for a dance workshop in any of the Saarangs. That’s another story and I will come to it later. Let me finish this story first.

So, yeah, there were many other pairs around us, doing something similar to what we were doing. Not of all of them were the girl-boy couple though. Most were men-men and if I remember it right, there were few girl-girl couples too. It was a theater workshop being conducted by Karthik from Evam. Karthik! Back then I was utterly impressed by this guy. The way he spoke, the way he looked, the way girls listened to him speak, everything captivated me. I guess I am drifting away from the main story (much to the delight of those perverted fellows who get turned on by stories throwing bisexual hints), and therefore I will stop describing what I felt for Karthik by concluding my feelings in the follwing fashion: that day, I had wished I could be someone like him.

One of the exercises that we were asked to do required the pair to imagine an imaginary plain mirror between them and treat the team-mate as your reflection. So of course when I touched the mirror with my palm, I actually touched her palm. And of course, when I was looking at my imaginary reflection in the imaginary mirror, I was actually looking into her eyes. So, now you see, why and how I got close to my first Saarang girl! πŸ™‚ Not bad, was it? Of course, I wonder why I never tried to kiss myself that day! πŸ˜›

Okay, if the video has already streamed fully, I would suggest you watch it first and then read the rest of Vatsap’s Saarang masaala. If it hasn’t, keep reading.

I do not remember much about the Saarang that took place in my second year except that I made cash. A third in sketching gave me 750/2 (the prize was split between two because there were two third prizes). Also a first in painting gave me 1.5k. No wait, besides the money that I made, I also remember becoming a security volunteer that year and all the frisking that I did besides of course sporting a stupid orange cap during all the pro-shows.

In their second year, all IITians realize that Saarang is the same every year. The only real change that takes place, takes place in the professional shows. My first year had seen Udit Narayan while the second year saw KK.

My third Saarang changed my life and I will not talk about it. It’s a story I cannot share. All I can say is that it was the beginning of something exceptionally beautiful which was bound to be snatched away from me. Just that I never knew that the snatching-away would ironically take place exactly a year later in the next Saarang.

The fourth Saarang was a tragedy. I was at Saarang just for the first day before I left for Delhi to attend an old friend’s wedding. I came back only to realize that certain things had changed. Forever.

Saarang 2008. Ended yesterday. Every day had a story of its own. I think it deserves a post of its own. I also think, that if the video has still not streamed, screw your internet connection.

humor IIT

How to get laid by an IITian?

The purpose of this post is to bring any girl who searches for the above mentioned line to my site. And if you are that girl, you are at the right place. Drop a comment and I will make the arrangements.

And to those who are so very much sure that no one is ever going to search for something like that, I want to tell you folks that I also thought the same till today. Today, I happened to have a look at recent stats and…..

Well, let the picture below (which is all text by the way) speak those thousand words to you!

search iitian

Any Reddy IITian out there reading it? πŸ˜›

PS: I lost all of last week’s post and that included all my three interviews for the phres IITian series (that being the reason searches like the last, the second last and the fourth last brought people to vatsap). This finding however has made one thing clear. I should continue the Phres IITian series and always ask them about their marriage plans (can already see Vatsap turning into a matrimonial site for despo girls to find crazy IITians :P)!

PS 2: I managed to get back the lost interviews! Yayy, the Phres IITian series is back!