The Shaasra 2006 Video!

Check out this link! It’s cool…

By the way, here’s one more Shaastra2006 design for those waiting some new stuff (anyone?)

This was supposed to be the Sponsorship Brochure Cover page but I’will be using something else for the cover page now.

design shaastra

Design and some more…

Just finished making this. This is supposed to be a sample page from the yet to be designed Sponsorhip Brochure for Shaatra’06. Notice that the image used in the design is not some gen pic flicked from net. It is actually a pic shot last year in Shaastra’05. Enjoy and keep wating for more stuffs to come.

design shaastra


the two Shaastra posters that I made recently:


The 28 first-timers of the 5th Semester

Didn’t have a single hair-cut

Didn’t get an OAT card

Watched only one movie in OAT: Chandramukhi starring Rajnikant

Removed Windows 98 from my comp (it had been there along with XP since 1st year)

Removed the hard-disc from my comp

Designed Shaastra T shirts and poster and banners and on and on

Got four free Shaastra T shirts (1 still pending)

Did not participate in a single event in Shaastra

Missed one end-semester exam (wrote it today after much fight)

Didn’t play a single outdoor game

Played CS

Did only one work as the Alumni Affairs Secretary of Narmada: distributed a profile-sheet to each hosteller and collected it

Chatted with Bro and Sis on yahoo conference

Purchased a five hundred rupee book online (a pirated copy of which is now selling at less than Rs.80/- in Moore Market)

Created a Character called ‘Techno-the IITian’

Wore a single jeans for more than half the semester (not continuously of course)

Saw the Insti Lake

Went inside a temple in IIT Madras

Got a railway concession for myself

Had a sip of whisky

Dined in GRT

Saw a real CAT paper

Saw the Indian President in real

Shifted from yahoomail to gmail

Understood what a RSS feed is and started using it

Switched from a dormant blogger to a regular one

Inspired a few to start blogging


Stop it! Stop it for God’s sake.

Whats wrong with the Economic Times and for that matter with the ToI ? Go read this.

And tell me now what the hell is wrong with these guys? Here I loose one more fellow IITian and all they want to prove is that IIT’s are the worst place on this earth. Look at the topic: ‘Stressed’ IIT-ian commits suicide! It really sucks. Who asked them to conclude things so fast? Who confirmed that he was really stressed and that’s why he committed suicide? Police? No. His friends? No. His family? No. But still, just based on speculations, these guys at the ET didn’t think twice before framing a topic like this. This is the limit!

Just to sell few thousand more copies, they will write any damn thing well knowing, it might convey wrong meanings.

To all those reading this space, I would like to assure you, as an IITian, that please don’t be bothered by such news. IIT’s are the coolest place on earth and here you learn how to face stress because ‘pressure’ is made a part of your life. But then the system is definitely flexible enough for you to adjust yourself at your own pace. And no one can possibly jump from a building in second year before a chemistry paper. I just don’t buy this! At least I will wait for the final report to come, before I say more. But look at these guys, they have no patience! iit kanpur murder suicide latest mechanical nagpur chemistry student kills dies recent


What is Life?

A blog by a human made me reveal the truth about life for once and for all. The world won’t remain the same once this blog is published (because I heard somewhere that the world changes with every passing count of a second!).

What is life?

At some point of time this question hits you. It hits everyone. For some, the impact lasts only for those ten minutes that they spend at the funeral procession of their best friend’s mother. For some it lasts till they die finally, without any satisfactory answer of course.

Let’s assume an answer exists for this question. And let’s also assume that the answer is a universal truth (without getting into the validity of the existence of ‘universal truth’ itself). Based on these two assumptions let me propose my hypothesis about life.

There’s a creature somewhere. It exists not in some space that science has defined and it lives not in the way the time is perceived by us. But that creature is there; somewhere; and may be not just one, but many more of them. These guys out there in the undefined space and existing in an undefined timeframe are into some experiment. They had generated a random self-sustained process some ‘time’ back (time here and for that matter anywhere in this article should be considered just an English word and its scientific interpretation should be ignored).

Life is nothing but the result of that experiment. We, the human beings are the result of that experiment.

The guys who devised the setup for this experiment made sure that those who had acquired life, tried to retain it for some ‘time’. It can never be found out how they ensured this but it does work. Talk about human beings. They fear death. Everyone fears death naturally. Had this not been the case, this experiment would have had stopped ‘long back’. They would have had nothing to observe; no readings to take; no conclusions to make.

If one goes by this flawless hypothesis, interesting conclusions can be made. Some of them are:

  1. Everything that happens is hundred percent random or at most pseudo-random. It is difficult to find out the exact way all this works but it’s mostly free-flowing.
  2. We have no reasons to worship those who created us. The Creatures!!
  3. There is nothing called ‘a purpose of life’ that we really need to find. The observers will note down all we do and whatever we do is supposed to be random. As human beings we can always look for a purpose but it doesn’t matter much whether we succeed or not. We tend to look for a purpose because of some minor flaws in their experimental setup. Ideally we are supposed to look at the world only with our senses (touch, sound, sight, smell etc.). But we do feel a few things without the need of any of our senses. The question about the purpose of life comes from this feeling itself. And this is it.
  4. Amrit is hazzzar jobless in life. But then there’s a limit!