Feeling Technologized

Finally going with this design for the cover page of the sponsorhip brochure! Hope you like this one…



Don’t get confused by the title! It’s Narmad+mango=Narmango!

Narmada is the hostel in IIT Madras where I stay and there’s a big mango tree here.

This mango which you see in the pic, was made to fall from the tree by Senti (he used football for the purpose) yesterday. The fruits haven’t ripened yet, but then I love the taste of raw mango!


Loved this one!

Have written a small post on the Civil Speak blog



Well I’m almost decided with my internship now. Today I met this guy in mash’s office, who is likely to offer me an intern starting this June, in his Chennai based company. There’s a construction project that has just begun. It’s near Mahabs and that means, it’s going to be an almost one hour journey daily to the site. Yeah, it’s an on field work and I am pretty much excited about it.

This building that’s coming up is an industrial building that aims to get LEED (leader in energy and environmental design) certification with a Platinum rating from USGBC. Well, to put it in a sentence, this rating would mean that the building is energy efficient and environment conscious (if you can interpret this at least).

I dressed in formals after a long time today (shoes and can imagine)

Well, Chennai is still hot, but somehow getting used to the temperature. Catch ya..


Chennai Vs. Cochin!

At the end of third year you have to do an internship. I was first assigned L&T Vadodara along with a classmate who happens to reside in the same city. I did not want to go to a city where I had no relative or some close friend. So when all of us were called to finlalize the intern offers, I had in mind to ask the Prof who was in charge of this to see if he could find something else for me. In the meeting, it was told by the Prof himself that some violence had broke out in Vadodara and I could quit if I wished to. Obviously I wished to! Now I even had a proper reason!!

The Prof then asked if I would be interested in going to Cochin Port Trust, Kerala. Naah! I wanted to say, but preferred to remain silent. Then I found a close friend of mine had also been alloted the same place. The two of us can have good time together in Kerala!! With this frame of mind I agreed and finally left the meeting.

It so happened then that ‘the close friend’ got his thing changed to Delhi, and I was left alone! I wrote a humble mail but didn’t get any response till yesterday. Well, accept the fact, you are going to Kerala all alone.. I had somehow convinced myself.

Then today happened, and I got a reply. I was told there’s some company in Chennai and talks are on. I went to meet the ‘in chage’ Prof who introduced me to Mash. Mash is a new faculty in the Civil Department and he has become quite famous all of a sudden. I was happy he was the one who is getting me summer intern. But then you know what, Chennai? Somehow something sounds wrong.. Here I even don’t know the name of the company.. it’s still ‘some’ company.

Who cares? I think I still have both options given I already have one letter which allows me to leave for Cochin in June. Good for me!



I had did it first for the Narmad website: the integration of blog with the usual website. And I had liked the idea so much so that I wanted to implement it for my site as well. But never could find time in the sem to go ahead and so.

But then, finally the job is done! And I hope you like the new template. It took me quite some time to build this up…

It’s pretty hot today in Chennai. Hope the temperature comes down a lil when I leave for class at 4:30. Missing my friends here!


Who’s got the POWER?

S: What’s that? What happened to your left eye?
I: Was bitten by some insect last night. I guess it was one of those bees who have made quite a hive just outside this wind0ow of your room. By the way, are you coming to CLT today evening for the lecture?
S: I will better read about it in the Economic Times. They are just showing it through video cameras anyways. What’s the point?
I:Dude, he is actually coming to IIT. Since the CLT has limited space, they are putting projectors in two other halls. That’s it.
S: Oh is it? When’s the lecture?
I: 4:30
S: I have a class. Anyways, my Prof will have better things to tell than Yashwant Sinha. All BJP leaders are the same, they speak the same bullshit things. The central budget has just been announced. I tell you, this Yashwant Sinha will do nothing but attack Chidambram’s budget.
I: I’ll go and listen to him. Then, may be I can have some opinion on him. By the way, Yashwant Sinha was a Prof in Patna University for some time before he cracked the Civil Services. And then this guy, left his job of an IAS officer to join politics. And think of this, he ended up becoming the Finance Minister of India finally. One can’t quit a job like IAS just like that.
S: He must have realized that he couldn’t do much as an IAS officer. I mean, what power does an IAS officer has? Nothing.
I: It all depends with whom you are comparing you powers to. Think of the powers of an IAS officer relative to that of a poor farmer. You will see the difference. Talking in the same line, even the Prime Minister of India has such minimal powers on a global basis when compared with the US President. You know what, we need to have our own estimates of ourselves. If we think, there’s a particular height that we want to climb in this life, and then we go ahead and actually reach that height, then that is all that matters for us. For some, the height ends at becoming IAS officers. For Yashwant Sinha, it was much more than that.


We HATE you, you foolish blogger

Most of them, who are my friends here in IIT, can’t understand why someone needs to blog; why I need to blog. Poor creatures!

Those friends who are closer to me, not only don’t understand the need to blog but to top it, go ahead and laugh and make fun of this hobby of mine, on the slightest opportunity. This obviously makes my life a little difficult, if nothing else. These guys will make faces, pass some bullshit comments, and try to convince me that blogging is a total time pass, whenever they can. This attitude becomes quite painful at times. But then, I still blog and I know why I do that.
Why do I blog?

I just LOVE blogging. Yes, the answer is as simple as that. Love is the word!

Blogging isn’t just another hobby to me, but is a source of immense satisfaction to my soul, in this mad place called IIT where all that matters to every focussed guy is CGPA. Blogging takes me to a new world, lets me share my thoughts and opinions with anyone who cares to, and gives to me an opportunity to delve in something, which makes me feel passionate about it.


These guys I have been discussing are not evil or anything like that. I can try to explain why they react the way they do.

Most of them, have never tried blogging. So they have no idea, what kind of a hobby it is. When it’s about painting, or sketching, or playing cricket, everyone knows what the deal is. And the reason is simple. As kids, all of us have tried our hands at these well known hobbies. So we have some clue as to what makes people enjoy these.

So when I make sketches, it is taken in a good spirit but when it comes to blogging, it just appears shit to these dear friends. Not their fault. May be in a couple of years, when the world will realize it’s the hobby of the new century, the logic behind blogging will make some sense to these guys. And then they could appreciate what I do.

Till that time, I have to live with the bitter fact that blogging appears so useless to my buddies. The only good thing is that, I know at least few persons who do take it in good spirit. And this is what keeps me going.



About a little more than four months ago, a Danish Newspaper published a series of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad. One of the pictures even showed a bomb placed inside the Prophet’s turban. These images were soon reprinted in many other newspapers in many other countries.

This enraged Muslims all over this world leading to violent protests, and even deaths of few.

Was it correct to hurt the sentiments of a community?
What is secularism all about? Aren’t we supposed to have respect for all religions? Then how can mockery of any religion be accepted?

I don’t give a damn to religions and am mostly an atheist but I never make fun of other religions. And I do so for a simple reason. That does not serve any purpose but only infuriates the concerned people.

In the cartoon controversy case, the Danish newspaper said, the cartoon artists were asked to depict Prophet the way they saw him. Now, how justified is it to declare to the entire world how you look at another religion’s faith, well aware that it would lead to nothing but hatred among few.

I agree that the reaction by the Muslim community is obviously an overreaction. But one shouldn’t forget who started it all. Art should be used to promote peace and humor, and not unrest.


The art of tearing wrappers

Yes, it’s an art. Some people are good at it. From a big pack of waffles to a sachet of the worst packed detergent powder; they can tear open the sealed wrapper in one good go. These guys kind of have it in them. Their hands find the pattern, detect the best spot on the packet, where one slight twist of the plastic in some typical angle will do the job.

I am definitely not one of these talented wrapper tearers. In the small town in which I was preparing for JEE, my bro and myself often used to get candies from shop. I never liked those which were sealed inside the world’s most secure wrappers. My bro has been good at getting things out of the packet pretty fast. It was me who suffered whenever we took halls, chloromints and sealed stuffs like that. What I usually had to do with such candies was to switch to the aid of my strong canines when fingers failed to do the magic. At times even the teeth didn’t work. And finally it used to be my bro who did the favour for me. Annoying wrappers.

This problem persists here in IIT. It happened today. There are times when all you lose is time, putting fight to tear the wrapper. Some times its a little more. Today it was a little more. I took a choco bar. And this ice-cream had been put inside such an annoyingly sealed wrapper that I had almost lost my patience. However hard I tried, it failed to break free. And the poor choco-bar lyed there inside the wrapper; waiting for me; me waiting for it. And here was this wrapper well aware of what was going to happen to it as soon as it was torn. It was like any other wrapper, refusing to obey you. This wrapper looked like the villain in a typical movie, not letting me, the Hero to reach his love, the choco bar. And by the time the villain was finally torn apart and thrown into a dust-bin, my love had melted enough. I had to devour it fast to stop it from leaking in all over my hands.