Sachin and North American Cities

truth in

Subbu had been pestering me to make a caricature of Sachin and couple of more. So that he could print them on t-shirts and coffee mugs. I do not understand his business model. He has this site called And the only way he can supply products is if I make caricatures! I mean WTF! Sudhar jao Subbu.

Anyway, this probably is my last post for this month, so let me post my North America itinerary, so that just in case one of you happen to be in the city that I would be in, may be we can hit a pub together or something.

  • Fri, 3rd Sep – Fly to Mumbai (probably in the evening)
  • Sat, 4th Sep – Fly to Toronto (Canada) via Frankfurt and be in Toronto till Wednesday morning
  • Wed, 8th Sep – Fly to Regina (Canada) and be there till next day morning
  • Thu, 9th Sep – Fly to Ottawa (Canada) and be there till next day evening
  • Fri, 10th Sep – Fly to Boston (US) and be there till next day afternoon
  • Sat, 11th Sep – drive down to New Jersey, attend a small even there and reach hotel in New York and then put a night-out
  • Sun, 12th Sep – Fly in the morning from NY to LA and be in LA till Wed morning
  • Wed,  15th Sep – Drive down to San Diego in the morning, catch a flight for San Francisco in the evening and be in SF till Monday afternoon
  • Mon, 20th Sep – Fly from SF to Seattle and be in Seattle till Wednesday morning
  • Wed, 22nd Sep – Drive down to Vancouver and get free of official work by Friday afternoon

Now, the best part is I haven’t yet figured out what to do once I am free in Vancouver. Because I plan to fly back to India only after a week – on next Friday – 2nd October (Gandhi ji ki jay). Anyone wants to suggest to me a good tourism trip for a week starting from Vancouver? The trip should be such that it ends in a place which is easily connected to India (for example it could end in Vancouver itself, or in Seattle or some such place).  To koi karega madad ki khud hi fight maroon?

PS: the Canada part would work only if I get a Visa this coming week, varna lag gayi samjho


Aisha, Strobe-experiment, caricatures etc.

I must confess that depression kinda tried hitting back this weekend. It had to happen. I hadn’t been low since quite some time after all.

We saw Aisha on Friday night – Bali, Ali and I. I know many wouldn’t like it. It was very art-housie stuff. But it had class. And we kinda liked it. For what it was. Abhay Deol was brilliant. As usual. Sonam has a long way to go when it comes to acting. The girl who played Shefali seemed to be over-acting initially. But she nailed the role as the movie progressed. Cyrus cracked his role too – awesome performance from him. And just like Nita, I have been loving the song – Shaam bhi koi. Amit Trivedi has a goood future.

On Saturday night, I motivated Machul and Bali to be my bakras for my strobe experiment. We did some photo-shoot together in the guest-house (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine). Bali and I even went for a drive outside in the middle of the night. But it was raining and all that. So we couldn’t do much shooting.

On Sunday afternoon, when I got up from sleep, I suddenly realized that I was too alone. It took me quite some time to accept that it was okay to feel that way. I chatted with Chutki over phone. And it felt nice. It had been a boring day for her as well. And then I chatted with Ms. Short Story. And with Neelabh. And Taploo. And Sweety.

If things go as planned, I might soon end up catching up with Taploo and Loly and Tiwari. And before I end this post, following are this weekend’s celeb caricature.

Jadugar bachcha

He loved kids

bhookha bhediya


Random Caricatures

Koi apni jagah pe nahi hilaayega

mai to teri jagah pe aake hilaaonga

jisne bhi hialaya, use mai hila doonga

hawa me baatein karna band karo saalon

Which one do you like most?

caricatures general

Tota, Dhee, Cycling, Caricatures and Ma-Kali

Tota was in town for Haileo’s marriage. Personally, for me, that was the best part about the whole affair. To have him around gives back to me all the lost days of IIT – especially the fist few years. There is a kind of friendship where the soul connects effortlessly. I think that applies to Tota and I. You don’t have to talk about anything when the soul connects. You just have to be around each other. And you feel better. And full of life. You keep singing songs in chorus till your lungs burst. And the lungs never burst.

Every time I see Dhee, she appears bigger. May be this applies to every small child. Dhee is a small child. And she is adorable.

I took up cycling again about two weeks ago. I have this gut feeling that I would get to peddle quite a bit in a foreign land. Soon.

I know it’s a random post. To render it randomer, let me throw in few caricatures that I made today. Because Subbu wanted them. And if you are into praying and all that, please pray that Ma-kali gets well soon (she hurt herself yesterday in an accident).

Risk to spiderman ko bhi lena padta haiKitne pratishat bhartiyaa ye blog padhte hain?

PS: Characters in this post described here.



Phew! Drew 24 caricatures over the weekend! I think I am finally picking up speed on Wacom. What a lovely tablet it is!

I think the avg time it takes to comeplete one caricature is 15-20 minutes. I am slow - I know.

caricatures movies Review


Sweeney Todd is a kid movie which no kid can watch. The movie is like a gory nursery rhyme. The costumes, the lighting, the cinematography, the music, the acting, the direction, everything is brilliant. But what the fuck is the story? A psychopath starts killing people generally till as expected, he himself is killed? Everyone says, don’t watch the movie for the plot. I ask why?

You might like everything about this movie because everything is very classy. For example, the way Depp and Carter have delivered their lines is totally more than impressive. But you cannot like the movie as a movie because the plot is outright kiddish. In fact I refuse to call it a movie. It is a visual abstract art which is very charming but at the same time makes absolutely little sense. Whatever.

For me, the best part of watching this movie three days back at Sathyam was the intermission. I ran into Jo who plays my girl-friend in Karma, and Ashwin under whom I had one my internship about two years ago. And oh, by the way, I walked down from Sathyam to my hostel alone. Aise hi, felt like walking alone. 🙂

caricatures shaastra

The C group

the c group

Phew! Finally!!

Lesson learnt: never ever promise a group of seventeen people that you will make a caricature for each one of them. Getting this job done was almost like working on my DDP. I enjoyed initially and then got bored but kept working and working till finally things started getting interesting. Hope to get this thing printed on tshirt soon.

All the best to those who would make it to the new core group (whenever it is formed).

By the way, I request anyone who has ever been a part of Shaastra to give me an idea or a design for a new logo. Yes, that’s the one last thing that I need to get done. Shoot off.

caricatures Shitoon

Shitoon 16: POLE

Shitoon 16: POLE


I don’t know how many of you got the pun here. This shitoon was not about the cock-size of John Abraham or a good caricature of his. It had more to it. It was a mockery of the new trend of extensive marketing and pre-release promotion of a movie to sell it. Rakesh Roshan is the big daddy, who brought this trend to forefront (remember the lame Krish toys and lamer masks which became the dream possession of every dumb-metro kid for two full weeks?). ‘Hrithik ke takloo papa’ had loads to do with making the importance of such a marketing realized across the philm industry and the result is everyone seems to be jumping into the bandwagon.

In the good old days, movies worked simply if they were good. Even today, there are movies which work simply because they are good. But then, there are movies which are made to work, sold in a way that public can’t refuse. OSO was the latest such example, an ordinary movie turned into a huge block-buster.

I won’t say marketing and promotions are a bad thing. I won’t say they are good things either. But I have all rights in this world to make fun of those who do it only to see that when the movie finally comes out in the theater, public goes and pukes over the crap that being presented to them.

Dhan Dhana Dhan GOAL (yeah, that’s the real name) is the latest movie which was relying too much on the pre-release hype [news link] then than a tight script. John was made to visit this city and that town. He was asked to turn up for football matches. It was even projected that football was his passion in life. LOL!

This shitoon only takes this whole marketing bit a little further. UTV reportedly made its money even before the release of movie. Since the whole movie-making is slowly turning to a pure money-making shit, there could be a time, when Sunny Bhasin (what John is actually called in the movie) could be called Sun Bathin (so that girls know they are gonna have a nice look of the perfect body that Mr. Abraham’s got), and the lady doctor who has a crush on him could be called Chumaana instead of Jumaana (so that everyone already knows that there is going to be a minute long kiss scene). And in sometime when public won’t be anymore interested in having just a free dinner with a star or ten stars, offers like what John offered in the shitoon could turn out to be the only things that sell.

Heroes will Rise (or kick footballs or whatever), for sure. But so will public. Shitoon won’t. 🙂

caricatures Gyaan videos

How to draw a Caricature using Photoshop II


caricatures Gyaan videos

How to draw a Caricature using Photoshop

javed caricature