“It feld really good that you came to see me off. Bye! Meet you after two months.”

I am not sure if I replied back verbally but I definitely waved a good bye. And she was gone along with two more classmates of mine. Though she had said (and I had believed) that she felt good, I didn’t really feel the same for myself. I was sad. But then, I had never thought about how ‘I’ was going to feel anyways or else I would never had decided to go to the Airport at the first place! It was all about making her feel good and that I had done. At least this gave a sense of joy. A total expenditure of hundred and seventy five ruppees (add ninety ruppees auto fare and twenty five ruppees for a filter coffee to the ’60’ that you can see in the pic, which is nothing but the entry ticket to the airport) for the couple of minutes goodbye session was worth the smile. Meet you after two months! Have a nice time in Spain…

Another close friend of mine who reached Kolkata today called me few minutes back. He is accompanied by yet another close friend and the two of these guys will be staying in Siliguri in the summers. They should reach Siliguri early morning tomorrow. Meet you guys after two months too!

Life without friends around you is just so different and so annoying. Today I know all these people, with whom I love to be with, are going to return after their interns are over. But soon, we all shall be leaving IIT once and for all. The mere thought of it is so damn cruel and depressing!


Feeling Technologized

Finally going with this design for the cover page of the sponsorhip brochure! Hope you like this one…


Google Calendar

I love the guys at Google. They keep coming out with one new thing or another and most of the stuffs that they come up with are pretty good. In fact some of them are just amazing, like say Google Earth!

As I logged in to my gmail account today, I noticed this thing called “Google Calendar“. Hope it proves useful like most of Google’s services (especially gmail).



Don’t get confused by the title! It’s Narmad+mango=Narmango!

Narmada is the hostel in IIT Madras where I stay and there’s a big mango tree here.

This mango which you see in the pic, was made to fall from the tree by Senti (he used football for the purpose) yesterday. The fruits haven’t ripened yet, but then I love the taste of raw mango!


The Shaasra 2006 Video!

Check out this link! It’s cool…

By the way, here’s one more Shaastra2006 design for those waiting some new stuff (anyone?)

This was supposed to be the Sponsorship Brochure Cover page but I’will be using something else for the cover page now.



“If you really have the courage, go to your parents and tell them that you don’t want to do Civil Engineering in IIT, and then leave this place and do what you are interested in doing…”

Wish I had!

This guy had repeated the same thing what one of my great friend keeps on telling. All of them are correct. I don’t have the courage to do so. More so, because I do not know for sure, how I want to spend the rest of my life. The only thing, I have realized is that I am not passionate about my courses.

“… but if you don’t, then at least do what you can, at least the minimum, to get out of this system gracefully and in the shortest time possible. Otherwise you wont be in a position to do anything.”

Makes so much of sense, doesn’t it? This guy was telling the truth of life; the truth that I was running away from. And then he suddenly made me stop and think over it again.

“You might have reasons for flunking this course, and they might be valid reasons. But think of this: who is the one who got to pay for it finally? It’s not the faculty who could not make you interested in the course, it’s not the system who never cared about you, it’s just you. “So true! It’s fuckin me who is repeating a course, coz some sucking Profs did nothing to make me interested! Just so true. And what the hell! How did I let them do this to me. He had opened my eyes. He had made me realize it was time I take charge of myself.

Walk out of the system gracefully!I wont ever forget that! Thank you sir!


Loved this one!

Have written a small post on the Civil Speak blog



Well I’m almost decided with my internship now. Today I met this guy in mash’s office, who is likely to offer me an intern starting this June, in his Chennai based company. There’s a construction project that has just begun. It’s near Mahabs and that means, it’s going to be an almost one hour journey daily to the site. Yeah, it’s an on field work and I am pretty much excited about it.

This building that’s coming up is an industrial building that aims to get LEED (leader in energy and environmental design) certification with a Platinum rating from USGBC. Well, to put it in a sentence, this rating would mean that the building is energy efficient and environment conscious (if you can interpret this at least).

I dressed in formals after a long time today (shoes and can imagine)

Well, Chennai is still hot, but somehow getting used to the temperature. Catch ya..


Got complains?

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design shaastra

Design and some more…

Just finished making this. This is supposed to be a sample page from the yet to be designed Sponsorhip Brochure for Shaatra’06. Notice that the image used in the design is not some gen pic flicked from net. It is actually a pic shot last year in Shaastra’05. Enjoy and keep wating for more stuffs to come.