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In short, I – Amrit (also called Vatsap?) run a story-led marketing and brand consultancy for tech startups. CoreVoice. We are a team of ~20 CVlians working from across India (remote).

Before starting up, for many years I made short documentary films on human interest stories. That brand now sits under CoreVoice. I still do that once in a while. But not as much as earlier.

I essentially use the medium of email newsletters to point you to a variety of stuff that I create – video-stories, web-comics and my analysis of everyday things. I love reading about how the world works – from politics to human behaviour to history to technology to economics. And more than anything else, I love simplifying complicated things, an example being this vaccine video that I made.

I am your creative, insightful storyteller.

Goa, India, 2019.

I have a little over 250 email subscribers at present compared to 20,000+ on Youtube. That’s fine though. There is something really special about the ability to reach out to you directly via email. Also, social media platforms keep changing the rules of how subscribers / followers receive information about the creator’s posts – which is a pain to keep up with!

Grateful to have you as a subscriber! And if podcasts is your thing, just search for VATSANALYSIS (vatsa + analysis) in your favourite podcast platform.