Narrative Vs. Truth – BJP style!

Narrative 1 & 2 – Modi / Govt. didn’t see second wave coming / states were not warned.

The below news is from 08 March. But I guess Harsh Vardhan was just cracking a joke while Modi was busy warning the states! Why take Health Minister seriously?

Narrative 3 – India has the highest number of cases in the world


So let me rephrase what they are probably trying to say? India’s situation is worst in the world because it has the maximum cases – is a misleading “narrative”. Agree. But who the fcuk is saying that in the first place?

Btw, here’s a tweet from the Health Minister again.

Hello sir, India has more people than Europe and North America put together. So in absolute numbers India will obviously be higher.

Why you do this narrative-giri sir?

Narrative 4 – Modi’s Bengal Rallies and Kumbh caused second wave.

The response to this is “Rahul Gandhi bhi push-ups kara raha tha”? Isn’t Modiji 10x better than Rahul Gandhi? So how does it matter what he / others were doing? You yourself are saying that Modiji was busy warning everyone that second wave was coming – then at least he should have done what he could to control it no?

Narrative 5 – Why did India export vaccine while denying it to its own people? “This is nonsense” is how you choose to start your “truth”?

Bakchodi ki koi seema nahi hai. The “truth” itself says 1 in 3 vaccines were exported! And still this is a “narrative”!

I think it’s futile to lay bare this stupid table put out by BJP! I wonder if even Bhakts will feel comfortable forwarding this to anyone! I leave it at this.

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