Obsessed with modern Indian Political History

I am listening to this 3 hour soundtrack as I write this post.

It’s fun to listen to such music when working on photographs. I click many in a wedding and it’s take quite some time and energy to go through each one of them, shortlisting the ones that are worth the clients to look at.

I have been pretty distracted from all other work, ever since the urge to understand and share the story of modern Indian political history took over. It’s been about two weeks now. And I have read a lot, and written a lot and encouraged few more to join me in a newfound effort to create a Youtube series that makes it very easy for anyone (from maids to drivers to sixteen year old kids) to understand how we got independence. Instead of talking more about it, let me just share the work that has already been done below (the slides will keep on changing, depending upon when you read this post; if you don’t find the sides at all, leave a comment and I will try to link up the latest content).

There is a story as to how this project started, but that’s for another blog, another time. Vatsap? Let me make some coffee and go back to working on my pictures. Today is a deadline as the couple eagerly awaits their wedding story from my lens. They are going to love it! 🙂

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