It’s already almost middle of May (2016)

When the new year started, I planned to get a coffee-table book about my year 2015 in pictures, printed. It’s already almost middle of May and the book design is yet not finalized. I am so slow and lazy when it comes to personal projects – be it my wedding album (I got married in 2012 end) or my wedding movie (or even my brother’s). May be I will finish it up from Gunehar. I leave for Gunehar in less than 24 hrs  (Goa to Delhi flight and by road from there) for the SA/AS art project in which I am a participant. Let me catch some sleep, and pack my bags when I get up. I have absolutely no clue, what stories I am going to create there. What I do know is, I am going to be away from biwi for a long time and she will feel weird and lonely and stressed out. I might too. But I will have stuff to do and a lot of people to talk to – so I will feel less weird. One month is a long time nevertheless. I have promised to tell her how the place is, once I reach there, so that she can possibly plan a week long visit or something.

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