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The Fencer – movie review

The Fencer is a a simple feel good cute movie, where everything works – the acting, the setting, the visuals, the sound, the story, the music. And yet the only reason I don’t feel like giving it anything more than 7 on 10 is because – well it is such a risk-free movie. You would know it when you watch it. To those wondering what the movie is about, the trailer should do the job. To those who have seen Shahrukh’s Chak de India (and loved it – which I guess should include everyone, because how can you not love Chak de??), this one is basically the Russian version of Chak De India (produced by Finland), with far lesser drama (different style of telling a story if you may; nothing against more drama) and with the women hockey team replaced by a team of cute kids who are learning a new sport. And Marta, love you – you were awesome (you would know what I am talking about once you have seen The Fencer – it’s definitely recommended).

PS: I saw this movie as part of the International Film Festival of India. The producer was happy to announce that Finland had selected The Fencer for Oscar submission.

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