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Tangerine – movie review

I saw this movie in the recently concluded Mumbai Film Festival. The acting, comedy, pace, plot, the way the movie was shot, use of music – everything worked (though I think the sound quality of dialogues was somehow not upto the mark). Absolutely recommended. Also, you don’t often get to see transgenders in lead roles in a movie that has nothing to do with stereotyping transgenders. By the way, did I tell you this full length feature was shot on iPhones only?

PS: you have to be a very modern parent to be able to feel comfortable watching this one with your children – there are full frontal nude scenes (no – don’t imagine hot babes; imagine old men).

PS2: I don’t think the plot matters and therefore have not written about it – it’s a comedy at the end of the day and makes you laugh till the very end. 🙂

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