Parabellum – movie review

I saw this movie in the recently concluded Mumbai Film Festival. I have this feeling most viewers just tolerated this movie. After the movie got over, I was definitely not in any mood to wait for the Q&A with the producer (who is also a writer and the editor of Parabellum).

A movie that doesn’t offer any reason for one to watch it, becomes a drag. I can’t recommend this movie to anyone.  The story, whatever little there was, and whatever little I could get, was not worthy of a feature film. The actors all looked genuine. The visuals were good. But one simply can’t wait so long for nothing to start and nothing to get over. I was emotionless after the movie, never cared about any characters and almost slept off several times.

PS: If you really want to know what the movie is about, in spite of my depressing review – it is about a bunch of guys preparing for some sort of dooms day.

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