Mina Walking – movie review

I saw this movie in the recently concluded Mumbai Film Festival. It started off really well and ended nicely too. Somewhere in the middle, it slowed down IMHO. The director, who was present for Q&A after the movie, admitted that he never had a plot or screenplay. The effect showed up, albeit not immediately. This was a good movie but I sincerely believe that with just a bit of ‘story’ thrown in, could have become so much more gripping, if not any more emotionally well defined that what it alredy was. Farzana’s portrayal of Meena was amazing.

PS: those who really want to know what this movie (fiction) is about, it is a cinematically appealing (and very realistic) glimpse from a week’s life of a strong rag picker girl called Meena, who lives in Kabul with her good for nothing dad.

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