Anamolisa – movie review

I saw this movie in the recently concluded Mumbai Film Festival. Anamoly + Lisa. From a stop-motion point of view, it’s an incredible visual language. What I don’t understand is, the need to create a stop motion movie for a story like this, in the first place!

Anamolisa is a smart, intelligent and certainly, different kind of a movie but umm, I don’t feel like recommending it. In spite of a lot of creative ways of telling the story (stop motion and sound) and frequent use of good humour that works, the only ones who are going to “love” the movie have to be abstract art lovers. But that that’s just me. I do have this feeling that some people would get this movie, more than I did, and they might have a different opinion.

PS: the story is about the love affairs of a famous sales guy whose books on sales and marketing have a great fan following.

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