A short picture-summary of our ten days in Italy this year

MILAN P1050632 P1050645 P1050646


P1050660 P1050670P1050671Cannot recall the name of these things we ate. But I soon got fed up of Italian food. Can’t say the same for biwi!

P1050675 P1050683 P1050691Went to skiing areas in running shoes. And sat like a boss.



P1060515Felt at home in Venice (and most other places in Italy) on seeing Italians dry their clothes just like Indians do!

P1060525 P1060527 P1060534 P1060540-2 P1060560 P1060563 P1060614 P1060616 P1060623 P1060632


AMALFI COASTP1070005vlcsnap-2015-04-14-13h30m43s113 P1060899


P1070248 P1070265 P1080019Home-made limoncello and bruschetta offered to us by the generous owner of the B&B where we stayed in Capri.

P1080014This is the last picture that I took in this trip.

So yeah, we had a great vacation. I am glad I finally got to use my quad-copter in a vacation (had lost one last year, weeks before traveling to New Zealand). And the result has been stunning (sharing our Holioke for this year – 2015 below).

It took us a LONG LONG time to finalize a song. We would go through a million songs, finalize one. And then, realize that it was not good enough after a while and go through another million songs. We ended up with this song because, well, we had to finalize some song at least few days before the trip started. So that we could mug up the lyrics and all that. It was a hard lyrics to mug up by the way.

Unlike our last trip to NZ, this time we did not carry any heavy gear (because this time we were not road-tripping in a car). Most of this holioke was shot on a GoPro Hero4 (a camera the size of a match-box) often attached to a hand-held chinese gimbal. We landed in Milan, headed north to the Alta Badia region, stayed there for 2-3 days, then took a bus to Venice and spent another two days there. Then took train first to Florence and then to Rome and finally Naples from where we rented two bicycles and spent two days cycling to Sorrento and then to Salerno. The rental guy picked up the bikes in Salreno, we took a train back to Naples and then boarded a ferry to Capri Island, where the last 2 days were spent. And then back to Naples to Rome to Abu Dhabi to Goa. Our trip in brief.

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