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Let me start this year’s marathon story with Goa

I missed running last years’ Goa half marathon. For lack of practice (didn’t feel comfortable taking up the challenge on the race day). That wouldn’t happen this year. Although after having been dormant for like 4-5 months, I finally went running at least thrice this week (easy 6 Km jogs). Today was the first time from the new house that we have moved to. Following was the running route (from west to east and back). Though the sea is almost parallel to the route, you can’t really see it from the road. Irrespective of that, Goa is an awesome place to go running with all the greenery around.


Screen Shot 2014-01-18 at 10.34.18 am

The race is on 9th Feb. So technically I have around 21 more days to train for it, which is more than I need really. However, let’s look at my travel plans. I will leave for Nagpur tomorrow evening and then come back to Goa only after a week. There are two different weddings to be shot there. And then I am shooting back to back from 31st Jan to 8th Feb (31st-Chennai>> 1st-Mumbai>> 2-3-4–Udaipur>> 5-6>>Chennai>> 7-8-Goa. That’s a lot of work and I will need to garner all the discipline that I can, to be able to keep running regularly. Given that I would be running in so many different cities, it would be fun to share all the running route maps from here on.

Happy running everyone! Do consider running in Goa on 9th if you can – would be fun.

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