Just another morning in an airport

It’s a nice view that you get of the entire airfield with a rising sun, if you wait for your flight on an early morning in the newly upgraded Kolkata airport. There are some super cool 100% reclining couches in this airport and I was lucky enough to find one. Pretty neat. At least an hour of good sleep is what I need right away, but not before I have finished writing something.

Somewhere in this airport, is a banner ad with ma-kali’s photo on it (everything else on that banner is in Bangla so I am not too sure what the banner reads). I was walking past the banner, in lookout for a charging point for my phone when a woman in a pink salwar-suit said ‘excuse me’. I went to her. She handed me her phone and asked me if I could take a picture of hers. With mataji in background. ‘Sure’, I said as I took the phone from her. Unfortunately for some reason the flash in her phone didn’t work and because the mataji was very brightly lit and she was not, her image came very dark. ‘You can’t be seen here’, I told her as I showed to her the pic. ‘That’s because mataji is so bright and there is not that much light falling on you’, I even explained. ‘Koi nahi, phir aap bina mataji ke hi le lijiye, sirf meri pic’. ‘Sure’, I said. And I clicked her picture and gave her back the phone and she thanked me and I continued my search for a charging point. And I not only found a point but also a nice 100% reclining couch next to it. Oops, didn’t I already tell about this couch? 😛

By the way before I bumped into this woman or discovered the couch, I was trying to find this magazine called ‘Asian Photography’ in the only book-story that I could see in this airport. They have issued a wedding special this month and one of the articles should have pictures clicked by the ShaadiGraPher team (called do’s and don’ts of wedding photography). But sadly, the store didn’t have the magazine. If anyone of my generous readers walks past a magazine store any time this month, do look out for the magazine. And please buy me a copy. I will buy you a coffee when I get to meet you next. And talking about meetings, won’t some of you guys like to know what happened in the most recent edition of my Random Daroo Party in Delhi? Ah, let me save that for another post. The couch is calling. Did I tell you its 100%……..

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