How I almost lost my phone at Anjuna

I was out with Po and a friend of his – let me call him Bair. We were smoking marijuana and gulping beer somewhere at Anjuna. I took in more than I could handle and had to occasionally leave these two gentlemen so that I could puke in peace. Puking did help but drowsiness followed soon and at a certain point of time, I decided to sleep off on the beach. The wind was cool, the night was young and I liked the way waves sounded to my not so alert ears. Bair came over after a while and woke me up. I joined them again. And soon we left. And as were walking out, I realized my phone was missing. Had I left it on the table where I sat with them? Or did I drop it at the beach? I had no fucking clue. I have had this phone almost since MRP and I started going out together – and that means it’s been there with me for a long long time. The phone, yes – old, worked mostly fine though, and I had no plans to buy a new one. Suddenly I was more alert than I thought was possible after all the weed and beer. I checked the tables first and then came to the beach. You could hear the waves but couldn’t see much. And then a voice interrupted – ‘are you looking for your phone or something?’

I was so happy someone had already found my phone. Or so I thought. This guy who asked me if I was looking for my phone had only seen some phone vibrating in the sand, somewhere there. ‘There were few firangs close to it, so I thought may be it belongs to them, so I didn’t pick it up’, he explained. He asked for my number and tried calling – the call didn’t go. I wondered if the tide had taken away the phone with it. I thanked this guy anyway. And kept looking for the phone here and there. With each passing second of the search, the hope of finally finding it went down. I had already started thinking of the immediate things to do after the search ends unsuccessfully. I thought I would give up, once Po and Bair come back to ask me if I had found it. They came soon. And as I walked towards them, I saw it. The phone. Lying on the beach. Phew!

A week after that, I dropped the phone again. This time in Po’s car thankfully. Because my net works through phone, I had to go to a Cyber-cafe (must have been visiting one after a million years) to drop him a message and then he could bring it back only the next day. I wonder if it was good or bad to be cut off from most of the world for those 2 days! I wonder if it’s time to get a new phone. Nah, not happening.

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