Dheere Dheere Shaam Chali aayi – slowly slowly the evening came

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Gulabo came over to our Goa house and we arranged some pre-recorded beats and tunes of Garage Band in the software on my iMac. And we liked the way it sounded. Then we wanted a main melody to go with that. I picked up one from my impromptu ‘dheere dheere’ performance on synth in Delhi from two moths ago (uploaded on FB). And then Gulabo and I worked upon the lyrics (retaining just the ‘dheere dheere’ line from the original poem, and changing the song from a description of evening to one about two lovers about to meet as the evening settles in). We stuck to my original melody and then we arranged pieces together. That’s what this audio clip is about. Some fun.

Gulabo is a girl who biwi and I first met two years ago during our mountaineering course. Yes, she was a course-mate. After the course got over, she went to Oxford univ to pursue higher studies (she is yet to complete her studies there). She is in Goa for a while, for an internship after which she will return to UK.

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