The dance class and the !dea mess up

I am 29. Half the class is older than me. The Bollywood Dance class. Which has about 12 women / girls. And one me. I stand in one end and try hard to remember the steps. It is so difficult to do so. I try. I hardly speak to anyone else in the class. Actually I am positive that I haven’t spoken to anyone. I know it’s been just two classes so far but still. May be smiled at one or two of them when they looked at me. But that’s it. I am not sure any of them knows I am their dance instructor’s husband. Not that it matters. But still.

Before leaving for the previous class, like ten minutes before leaving, I trimmed my hair. By my beard-trimmer. Trimmed them down to no. 4. Or no. 5. Not too sure. I had seen Demi Moore trimming her hair in an action movie where she was training to be a marine. But only when you do it yourself you realize its not easy to make sure, the hair has really levelled, especially on the back of your skull. I had to ask biwi to help. She did a bad job. Not bad actually but not good either. Okay okay. Because she was annoyed I had to trim my hair just when it was time to leave for the dance class. And no, I was not inspired to trim down my hair by Demi Moore, alright. I gave the example to make you understand why I thought it was unnecessary to got a salon for getting your hair trimmed when you could do it yourself.

We are presently struggling with an idea bill of 18,000 bucks because the fuckers confirmed on sms and on call that they had activated a 3G plan on biwi’s phone, which she had asked for, when in their system they actually couldn’t. So all the internet for past few days was charged at some exorbitant price per KB which lead to a bill of 18k! It’s a mess and we just hope they are able to sort things out ASAP. No way we are paying them this money. Because both my phone and biwi’s phone get a common joint-bill, if the problem doesn’t get sorted soon, we both will have to change our numbers. Let us wait and see. What has been your worst cell-phone story by the way? Just asking!

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