A cocktail gone bad

I love making cocktails. This is as fun as mixing colours. I used to mix colours when I was small. And I used to paint. Pathetic water colour paintings. But I used to win prizes I remember. Hell, I even won few prizes in IIT. Will never know why.

Got some stuff from Kamat’s today. A local almond liqueur. Sheridan’s coffee liqueur which cost me more than what a vacuum cleaner had once cost my dad when we were very small. Over 3k. And a Bailey’s Irish Cream. Plus a small bottle of tonic water. Sheridan was not the first choice for coffee liqueur. I was looking for Kahlua. But the guy at Kamat said, they have stopped selling Kahula in India. Only the duty-free stores still stock it. I think I should have tried some other place. Kahula is pure coffee liqueur while this Sheridan (which I bought as an alternative) consists of two bottles packed together, one has coffee liqueur while the other has some white liquid inside. Some milk cream kind of thing. When you pour the bottle into a glass, stuff from both the bottles flows out from two small nozzles.

I tried making a cocktail with tonic water, coffee liquer and vodka. I poured all three into a glass – Sheradin, vodka and tonic water. But I didn’t realize that as I poured Sheradin, I also ended up adding the milk cream along with coffee liqueur. So what happened was that the soda inside the tonic water fucked up the milky thing and what I have in my glass right now are fine milky particles floating everywhere. I am still drinking this shit because a) its kinda costly to be thrown away and b) in spite of the dirty looks, it tastes yummy. May be the next time, I will just hold tight the nozzle from which the milky stuff comes out and let only the coffee liqueur drip down.

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You can try making a cocktail called Irish Coffee with those ingredients. But you will have to buy Irish Whiskey (Bailey’s Irish Cream won’t do!).

45 ml Irish Whiskey
30 ml brown sugar syrup (equal parts by volume of water and brown sugar, dissolved)
120 ml coffee liqueur
Whipped Cream
Irish Coffee glasses

Pour brown sugar solution in the glass, followed by whiskey, coffee and topping it up with unsweetened whipped cream.

The interesting part is, Irish Coffee was first prepared by Joe Sheridan in Dublin, whose coffee liqueur you just bought 🙂

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