Want to learn Bollywood Dance?

Well, if you are in Goa and want to learn Bollywood dance, you can learn it from Biwi! 🙂 She will soon be coming up with schedule / venue for her first batch. Though I think she will start with Zumba lessons (to begin with). The website has already been launched. I did the logo / layout obviously! 🙂

Below is a video of her first dance performance in Goa (not a Bollywood number really but chalta hai!). Shot it with two cameras (a 7D and a 5D) and used a glidecam for the first half. If you know how I look like, you may spot me in one or two scenes!

Though this lasted a little over three minutes, the party went on for more than two hours. Several other Zumba instructors performed and everyone else kept dancing on the beach. Its tough dancing on dry sand. Much more tiring compared to dancing on a hard surface.

Biwi had intended to do a Bollywood number initially, but then the organizer told her many others were already doing so, and it would be preferable if she did an English number.

The Goa marathon was scheduled for next day (i.e. today) which both of us skipped. She, because she was exhausted and tired from dancing at the party. I, because my knee didn’t feel alright. I tried a slow run in the evening and the pain went up in less then six kilometers. Will have to take it easy for some time now. May be a good time to learn Bollywood Dance instead! 😛 By the way, I have decided to join Biwi’s Zumba class whenever she starts. Aur koi student mile na mila, I will be there! Heh. Kidding! Cyao guys.

Ps: below is a nice picture I clicked at the dance party (not uploaded in the previous post). I think these folks had come over from Bangalore for the party!

Learn Bollywood Dance

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