2012 – the year that was

Parents met parents. MRP’s and mine respectively. The deal was sealed.

The launch of The first paid shoot the same month.

Moving out from MRP’s flat to Subbus’s.

Being promoted from a senior consultant to a manager.

Moving on from my full-time business consulting job. To do nothing full time. To live life.

The guest-lecture at IIT. That I gave.

The Shimla ultra-half marathon.

Shifting from Mumbai to Delhi. With Subbu.

Bollywood night and the wedding. My wedding. With MRP. Who shall be referred to as biwi henceforth.

The South African honeymoon. The kickass South African honeymoon where we roamed the country in a royal blue convertible and skydived.

Random Daroo Parties in Hyd, Bang, Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi.

And of course flying all over India – infinite trips to Hyderabad & Delhi, few to Bangalore, Chennai & Bhopal, first time trips to Amritsar, Srinagar, Nagpur, Hoshiarpur, Haldwani & Suryapet and revisiting Jaipur after ages.



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