Delhi June 2012. Click click click.

It is the typical few-days-before-the-rains heat here in Delhi. More bearable than it was two weeks back. I am sitting over a dusty bean-bag in a flat shared by Hawas and his friends. Hawas is a junior from IIT and we shared the same firm for a while. He is not here in Delhi today though. Had to be home in Lucknow. Else he may have joined me for today’s shoot. He likes photography too. But focuses mostly on birds. Other than birds, he shoots birds. And some more birds.

I missed Subbu on the two days that he was gayab from our flat in Mumbai. His flat rather. I moved to his place after MRP shifted from Santacruz to Andheri. We loved living together in our Santacruz flath. But we decided it was fair enough to stay separate for a while, so that once we get married later this year, it doesn’t feel that we just went to Ahmedabad, attended ‘a wedding’ and returned home. Once we get married, may be I will ask Subbu to move in with us. Its just so nice to have him around. So why not haveĀ  him around at least till he gets married himself! We will see.

Subbu himself is supposed to reach Delhi today. From Pathankot. But I don’t think we shall get a chance to meet. My shoot begins at 03 pm and will get dragged till late night. And then I will fly back to Mumbai tomorrow, return a rented lens to Jim in Malad, head to house, get ready and hit office. Subbu is probably catching a train tonight from Delhi to Mumbai. Not too sure.

I met a prospective Shaadigrapher (SG) client who said she wanted interesting things to happen in her wedding – like people giving toast and stand-up act etc. I had been nurturing this idea of doing stand-up shows in some of the weddings I shoot. I might have a screwed up beginning but I know I will only become good at it. A broad script needs to be sketched gradually. I am loving the direction I am headed too.

Anyway, let me just head to the shower right now. And then may be have some food. And then some click click click. A lot of click click click rather.

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