Few things to share – marriage, promotion and why my life is beyond trying to become a partner

Last year’s highlight was the one month long mountaineering course that I did with her. Highlight for this year is going to be our marriage. Yes, the date is out. 29th November 2012. Ahmedabad. Yes, that mean’s no daaru. But cummon, you don’t believe that, do you? So come over and we will see what can be done about your thirst. Life is not all about daroo anyway.

On work front, it’s wonderful to get promoted again this year. Had heard of back to back promotions, but had never thought I was ever going to be serious enough in life to be accorded with one myself. Credit for this, if any, should go to Ali actually. More than to anyone else. Because he took work so seriously, I started taking work seriously too. And there you go. Work became interesting. And I burnt few good months of my like working like shit. The funny part is, I loved it. My work LOL, I still love my work. I find it creative and thought-provoking and intelligent and there is absolutely no doubt about it. I have to keep learning, keep evolving, keep putting different pieces together to form a clear picture that can be presented to those who pay us money. And believe me, I am getting good at all of it.

I am a manager now. Hmm. Good. Sounds kinda cool you know. Manager -> Sr. Manager -> Associate Director -> Partner. That’s how it works here. And then you can be a senior partner and stuff like that but that’s pretty much what this ladder is all about. About climbing, climbing and climbing, till yay – you are a Partner. And yet, I am sure, more sure than ever, that my life means more than breathing in and out to climb this ladder. Shaadi me photo kheenchna is better than being a partner of a leading global consulting firm, you ask? May be, you know. And I will tell you why I think like that. And why it need not apply to everyone.

In the quarter to four years of my working as a business consultant, all that I have ever worked upon, has been seen, reviewed, listened to, liked, disliked, loved, hated, read, thrown away, copied, forwarded, replied to, deleted by not more than two or three dozen people a the most. And this is my biggest problem. Very personal. Need not appear to be a problem to many. But for me, it is. The largest audience that I have ever had for a presentation (that I delivered) was probably a bunch of 100-150 odd folks in a conference hall in Los Angeles. And I was talking shit that evening anyway. Some marketing shit. That’s besides the point. The point is what it is – simply too little people to care about what I do most of the time. However creative and interesting it may be. And however much I get paid to work on it (no – I don’t get paid obscenely high either).

That’s why blogging was so much better. There was no upper limit on the number of people who could read my blog. LOL, I am sounding like I have stopped blogging since so long! But hey, have I not? I mean, fuck it man, the way I treat these days, I feel guilty of letting its glorious past turn into a distant history. I can only thank those who have still subscribed to it. Who still read it. Who still await the day when shit will be back. And you know what, the shit will be back. Give me a few months time and you will see it for itself. No, it’s not any impulsive vaada. It’s part of a long thought out strategy. So far, the plan has worked out. And insha-allah, if things go the way I have planned, I will be back to doing things that far more people can see, like, dislike, etc. etc.

Coming back to the question that I had raised above. Shaadi me photo kheenchna is better than being a partner of a leading global consulting firm, you ask? The answer is – yes, I will feel my life to be more fulfilling if hundreds and thousands of people watch pictures clicked by me than few dozen corporates (in formals with shaved thopda) telling me I made a wonderful presentation or say when I become a partner, my company chairman congratulating me on helping meet a target of 15 crore. Or 100 crore. Or whatever else that number be. Who gives a shit? I simply don’t want to work on things or create things which only few dozen folks will ever get to look at. Which is what I see the best that any partner can do today. It’s simply way too little to fight for. Way too less to climb for.

I want to create things for which there is not theoretical upper cap on viewership. And I don’t want to create wealth. Not saying it’s good or bad. It’s simply not what interests me – setting up a business, then expand it, then expand it further. A business enterprise is definitely an awesome creation and it does serve my purpose of working on something that has no upper limit on the number of people who can appreciate / see what you do. But it’s not my thing. I will tell you what my thing is. What my things are rather. And the list is only illustrative.

  • Shitoons – I want them to be so good that everyone starts liking shit.
  • Stories – of people I interact with, meet, hate, love. Stories of awesome things that I can do (like climbing Mt. Everest or riding a horse from Manali to Leh or playing the role of a villain in a bollywood movie). Because what would I write about if almost all the time that I have is spent doing work that is confidential? For clients who cannot be named? With colleagues who would not appreciate you talking ‘behind their back’?
  • Photographs – Shaadigrapher is just the beginning. The idea is to keep this thing financially sustainable. Financial sustainability is like ‘infrastructure’ – the underlying basic stuff without which nothing else will work.
  • And any other fucking thing which I can share with the world. Without thinking twice.

Unless I am doing things that are worth sharing on Facebook or worth blogging about or worth writing a book about, I am not sure there is any point in doing them anyway. There is no point in living life anyway.

You may please stick to your kickass stable jobs, keep paying your EMIs for your flat and your car and keep feeding and raising your kids. You may keep updating your Facebook status with ‘cool’ things like – ‘at a night club’, ‘in Goa’, ‘drunk’, ‘my new car’, ‘vacation in Hongkong Disneyland’. While I will show you guys how to live life. 24X7. Even if it may not be the best life to live. As long as its worth sharing.

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Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials! This is great news. 😀
Love browsing through the shaadigrapher pictures. Thanks to facebook, the audience is much larger than you can imagine.
And yea waiting on vatsap’s shit to restart. Its been a long long long time.

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