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There are weddings. And then there are Indian weddings. Or Shaadis as we call them. Colourful. Vibrant. Full of stories. Stories about stolen shoes. About that mama who outperformed MJ when he danced together with the baratis. About that kaka who complained about every food-item and yet ate more than everyone else. And so on and so forth.

Neelabh and I believe these stories need to be captured the way they unfold. Naturally. Happily. But we realized most of the regular photographers weren’t doing this right. So we thought, let’s do it ourselves. And then we started doing it ourselves. Clicking pictures not for the sake of clicking because someone paid us. But for the sake of the stories we just mentioned about. For the sake of pure happiness and dhoom-dhadaka that Indian weddings are all about. The idea is to soon be regarded as the best wedding photographer India has to offer to couples getting married in India.

And now we have gone official. We call ourselves shaadigraphers. Check out for select portfolio. And if you like our work, spread the word around. It’s a long way to go before we are called the best wedding photographer India, but at least the journey has begun!


Best wedding photographer India

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Awesome photographs and awesome initiative!
I’ll sure be spreading your work around and I know who to call for my wedding πŸ™‚

Very nice pictures. Have been seeing all your updates on fb. I’m sure you’ll ace it. How is life otherwise? πŸ™‚

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