The year 2011 that was

Approval of the guy Sweety was to get married with.

HTC Desire over which a week was spent in doing nothing but downloading apps.

First Mumbai half marathon.

End of an assignment in Gujarat that sucked in more than year out of my life. Celebrating it’s end with colleagues in Goa.

Seeing Tiwari and Neelabh getting married. Seeing Sweety getting engaged.

The one month long mountaineering course with my girl in Darjeeling / Sikkim.

The first promotion in job (and an year full of some kickassaly hard work – growth from being a team member to managing teams. So fast. So swift).

Moving out from company guest-house and renting out a flat after more than two and a half years of free stay and free food and free everything else.

Settling in Mumbai – with my girl.

Seeing Sweety get married. And making mummy and nani and dadi and everyone else go through MRP’s pictures clicked on my HTC when Sweety was getting married.

Seeing Jar getting engaged. And then Sweety getting drunk over her birthday.

Dancing in a MJ getup on my budday as Mr. and Mrs. Tiwari, Tota-Maina, Mr. and Mrs. Sadhu, Subbu and MRP watched and laughed. And feeling awesome that all these guys came over to see me dance!

Going to Croma to buy a washing machine cum drier. But bringing home an LCD instead. And then watching movies cuddling with her.

Learning to glide with Subbu.

Being with papa for a while, and staring together with him at his broken leg.

Learning to make exotic cocktails. And offering them to dost loge.

And of course, throughout the year – loads of sex.

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