An year between Navratris

With every passing day, as I am growing older, I am finding it difficult to share my life with public in general. It’s chocking in a way. It’s chocking in every way.

But if I really think about it, this inability to blog out anything that comes to my mind has not much to do with growing older. At least not all of it. It also has something to do with the fact that since quite some time, my life is simply full of work and my girl – and most of the things around both of them are way too private / confidential to be shared with the world. So now you understand why so fucked up the blogger in me is? You still want me to write, don’t you? Bastards. 🙂 Of course, I will. LOL.

Let’s recall my love-story (the latest one that is). I have been going steady with MRP since almost an year now (we had started dating immediately after last year’s Navratri). I have made her meet mummy (yet to arrange a meeting with papa). Other than mummy, she has met nanaji, nani, Subbu, Sweety, Tiwari, Tota-Maina, LoLy, Chutki, Taploo & Jar. Other than papa, Neelabh is probably the only major person in my life who has not met her. But I guess that will happen sooner or later.

From my end, I have done an even better job (mostly because most of her relatives-that-matter live in Ahmedabad). I have met and had food with her mummy-papa, mama-mami, nana-nani, mameri behnein, mausi-mausa and mausere bhai. I found her nani the sweetest amongst all of them. What a benign smile that lady has. Her mummy’s expressions are the exact opposite – when she doesn’t have any particular expression on her face, she looks sad by default.  MRP has some of those similar looks, but to a lesser extent. Many a times, when I am sitting with her (MRP, not her mummy), and she is very neutral-looking (and therefore a little sad looking), I ask her to smile. Because that’s the only way I like her (in visual terms). Often, she does smile.

So far, so good. There are no dates out for marriage and all yet – not even for engagement. But that’s the direction we are headed to. The last tick in the box would be a meeting of her parents with my parents (read Gujaratis meet Biharis), which insha-allah should happen around Diwali this year.

Interesting to write down here would be a set of questions / comments that have been thrown at me by her parents (I could only offer a blank face to most of them by the way):

  • How is Ahmedabad as a city to settle in?
  • What is your dream lifestyle? Would you love to have your wife waiting for you with chai-coffee and all that when you return from office (her papa said he does)?
  • Have you invested in stocks? Mutual Funds? LIC? SIP?
  • You would be able to sustain the both of you financially if our daughter leaves her job, right?
  • Do you think you would like to settle abroad? If a good offer comes? (I guess this comes from the fact that MRP is the only child and therefore they wouldn’t be too happy to let her be so far away that at least a monthly meeting is not possible)
  • Any ‘habits’?
  • You return home by 10 PM?? Is it because you like your work or is it because you are made to sit till 10?
  • What car would you want to buy (when you do)?
  • How many days of outings (read: out-station trips) do you have to undertake in a month?

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